Thursday, April 3, 2014


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I am back here with a review on one of my favorite palette that I take with me when I travel.

Let welcome the:

*drum rolls*


Alright, where did I purchase this?
It was from an online shop on instagram and i forgot the name :/ 

How much did I purchased this for?
Again, I am sowwie I forgot.
I have bad memory with numbers.
But it wasn't above 250k

The packaging:
Love it! It has this soft pink peachy color and it is lightweight.
I personally love this inside my hand bag.
The size is slightly big but not too big and it is not thick *if you look at it sideways*

However, I am the type of person who always bring big handbags and shuffled everything in it and that is probably why I said this fits into my bag but if you are the type of person who loves carrying a tiny bag, then i dont think this will fit.

When you open this palette, this is how it looks like.
*picture below*

You will have:
- 6 eyeshadows
- 1 highlighters
-2 lipsticks
-2 blush on (shimmery)

Here is the close up!
Hoping to give you that "ta-da" effect!

Here is the swatch on my hands with no eyeshadow based, no flash.
Just the plain eyeshadow from the palette.

Since the colors are tend on the neutral side, the colors seems settled and not pigmented.

I personally love them for their pigmentation when applied to my eyes with eyeshadow based.
It is actually pigmented and easy to blend with. I love the texture and it settled onto the eyelids quick.
It comes in 4 shimmery colors and 2 matte colors

The colors of the blush are alright, since I pick a nude-ish palette, I cant expect a bright and bold blush-on right? but so far, it am fine with the finishing on my cheeks. I think it is pretty pigmented but not super pigmented so you can always layer it up.

As for the highlight, i personally dont see any good pigmentation but in this post, I actually layered up so much to give that glowy look ;) again, I prefer products like this sometimes.

They are gorgeous! high pigmentation, smooth texture, gorgeous colors on the lips, easy to blend!

Here is the products on me ;)
I love the colors and the quality!
It is perfect for traveling especially if you are going to attend events!

Close up on the eyes :)

To get the makeup tutorial,
click here 

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Uswatun Khasanah said...

beli dimana gi? pengeen,hehe

theresia fweegy said...

@anah: iniiiiii gw beli... di ig... mai_shop ato lovefinity lupa gw heheheh tp ini ready pas gw beli hehe smg msh ada