Wednesday, April 30, 2014


Hello ladies.

You may know that I am not familiar with Korean brand of cosmetics but!
I have my favorite! Probably 2 favorites.

One of them is STYLE NANDA/ 3CE.

I am obsessed with it. I love the style which I personally think it is not that
cute-sy but it is more to the type of.. feminine yet cool?

Anyway, I purchased these two products. 
Truth be told, I purchased them because of the pink packaging!

Here is what it looks like!
*I did some editing on this picture, so sorry if it is not that clear*

Packaging wise, I love it! I own a few pink packaging but this one is just unique.
It is in the shape of square and it is really easy to hold!
I really love the combination of pink and black.
Feminine yet strong.

Here are the colors that I pick
#607 BAAA

I am currently obsessing with nude and soft colored lipstick.
It goes so well with smokey eyes look.

Here are the products up close with their colors.

Here it is on my hand, please ignore the dirt on my hand haha

Alright, I have wearing this lipstick every single day just to test out the quality of this.
So far, I love the texture, it is creamy therefore it glides easily on my lips and it blends well.
It is also moisturizing. The pigmentation is of course superb! The scent wasnt that bad, I cant remember if there is any scent that is so obvious from this product. 

I love the colors that i picked and yes, I am holding myself back from purchasing pink tones lipstick.

Here are the lipstick on my lips :*
Please ignore my skin, it is being stubborn.

#607 BAAA

An orange and warm undertone which usually doesnt suit me but this one,
it works well on my skintone!


This is a nude with a tiny tint of pinkish peach undertone that is perfect for smokey eyes!

Alright, so that was a quick review from me.
Overall I am obsessed with this lipstick, not only the quality it has but also the packaging!
Hope it helps you if you are looking for one.

Unfortunately, I dont know if there is anyone who is selling this lipstick?
Maybe you can ask for a pre-order one?


okay, til the next post loves!

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Miss Plum - Ninneta said...

This definitely wont show up on my lips. Got a very dark lips. hikshikshiks...
It looks really good on you thow...

Main-main ke blog ku yah. Baru posting tentang tutorial dan cerita makeup ala Grunge Princess gitu. hihihihi... ditunggu...


theresia fweegy said...

@ninneta: haiii iya nanti aku main2 ke blogmu hihi ini warnanya ada banyak cuma ak lg terobsesi ama soft2 begini :P

Zainatul Abadiah said...

Hi ka salam kenal yaaa
Kalo boleh tau belinya dmn ka ? Lucu bgt warnanya hihiiy
Yg 506 cucok di kamu kaa 💕