Saturday, April 19, 2014


Hello Saturday!
Hello to you my buttercup bon-bon :*

Did you know that there was an electricity cut last night at my house?
I didnt get much sleep but anyway, that doesnt stop me from posting this fun event!

Shu Uemura invited 14 bloggers together at their counter in LOVE and we had to recreate one of the looks that was emailed to us. Want to know which look I pick and why? 

Come and scroll down ;)
Let me take you to the event!

When I reached there, there were a lot of people and some of my blogger friends arrived already :P
Once we reached there, we prepared our skin and face for the basic makeup.
I used the shu uemura lightbulb foundation and I love the sponge!
It is so fluffy and bouncy and soft.

Of course I had to settled my face with a powder due to my oily skin.

Here are the situation and condition yesterday with my blogger friends.
Yes this is what you get when beauty bloggers get together!

This is us, preparing our base before the makeup began. 
It isnt complete without any pictures taken :P
Many thanks to Jean Milka hihi

Since the spot got too crowded, 
Leonita, Tia and I decided to move to find a more spacious spot :P

Then, a makeup demo began.
Here we were sitting nicely to watch the demo.

If you are curious about the products that I was using on my skin, 
here are the pictures ;)

Alright, once the demo is done, we continue with the makeup!

Here is me before.

Here is me after!
Yes, I picked the

snow fairies.


Well, the rest of the pictures are all about lines and structures. Using a lot of tools.
Personally, I know my strength. I am the worst when it comes to lines and drawing them straight. 
So lines are a big NO-NO for me. That narrows it down to a 2 choices. 

I decided to go for this one. I know I am familiar with colors blending. There wasnt a lot of lines and there wasnt a lot of tools needed, just eyeshadow brush and blending.

Here is the final look that I recreated.
However, I did faced difficulties due to the colors that werent available to the closest color from the sample so I had to used another color.

As you can see the green is too dark.

Here is me in front of the Shu Uemura counter.
A tiny OOTD 

Top: MNG
Skirt: Pull & bear
Shoes: C&K
Bag: Longchamp
Necklace: Princess Butik

Here me attempting to look like the model but failed!

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Leonita Nerisa said...

look at the first picture featuring my face o.o hahaha

Love, Leonita

theresia fweegy said...

@lele: knpaaaaaa?? kan sexy lehhh ahha very expressive hahaha jgn kalah ma nita donk hehehehe