Wednesday, April 2, 2014


So what happened when I open my draft?
I found some old posts whilst my hair was still long hahaha

Hey! it is still valid! 
So let me share with you a tutorial with my long hair, perhaps you miss me with my long hair?
Well here is for you ;)

I personally love the new hair though but lets take some minutes to reminisce the old hair 
while reading the tutorial, shall we?

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As usual, I start my makeup tutorial with:
foundation, powder and eyebrow :*

I forgot to mention that for this post, I will be using URBAN DECAY Naked 1 Palette.
The colors are: half baked, dark horse and creep.

1. Prep the eyelids with eye shadow based and apply HALF BAKED all over the lids.

2. Then apply DARK HORSE on the outer corner of the eyes and blend well.

3.Apply CREEP on the edge of the corner and blend well again.
Apply the same color onto the bottom lash line.

4. Apply a white eyeliner on the waterline to make the eyes look bigger ;)

5. Apply an eyeliner on the upper lash line as the guides for the lashes.

6. Pick your favorite falsies, measure it and glued it.
I got mine from:

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Discount is always good ;)

7. This is the after look after the falsies.

8. Apply your favorite blusher and make sure it is in a peachy tone to suit with the eye makeup ;)

9. And lastly, a good natural lipstick color to complete the look!

And here is the final outcome! 
I love this type of natural look for daily activity ;) especially with the lashes!

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Neni Diyanti said...

cakep giii..
tapi saran gue, kalo yang pas foto close up tutorial eye makeupnya, watermark lo dikecilin gi.
soalnya warnanya tabrakan gitu, jadi kaya belang2 warna eyeshadow lo hahaha.

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theresia fweegy said...

@neni: wahahaha iye gw mank kadg2 males adjust2 gt hahaaha :P *ngaku*