Friday, April 4, 2014


Hola aloha!

So, i am here going to show you a very easy face paint tutorial.
Inspired by THE JOKER!

Are you a big fan of BATMAN and THE JOKER?
I wasnt before until I watch the one with the late Heath Ledger.

The technique used in this tutorial is not that hard, 
all you have to do is to get messy!

Sometimes, messy is an art ;)

And, the colors that you need are:
white, black and red face paint

So without any more rambles,
lets start!

Here is me and this is bare face, no makeup, no eyebrow haha :P
and hair unwashed for the day.
*this is my dedication to this tutorial as we need a messy kinda hair*

#1. Apply white face paint all over the face and neck but it is optional.

#2. The eye makeup, all you need is to take your black face paint,
paint it all over the eyes and make sure the shape is not round, follow the eyebrow as a guideline.
Once the eyes are covered in black paint, make tiny stroke outwards.

#3. Take the red paint and lengthen the side of the mouth, apply a red lipstick normally on your lips too.

#4. Here is where the fun begins!
For the lips, smudge it!
For the face, do a series of expression to get the "wrinkle line", use tissue and following the wrinkle line, erase the paint.

#5. You are done!
Arrange your hair, it will be best if you have a wig that is similar but I dont have any.
So what I did was, having my hair unwashed (my unwashed hair tend to be oily) add some hair spray and crunched them, or just make them messy.

#6. Take a series of "beautiful selfie" hahaha

Have fun creating your own joker makeup ;)
and Happy Weekend!

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amanda anandita rz said...

ce fweegie, aku juga lagi suka main main sama face painting. besok2 mau coba ala ala joker juga, hehhee...

oh iya ce, face paint whitenya pake apa? aku pake viva. tapi klo yg warna putih ga terlalu nutup gitu :(

theresia fweegy said...

@amanda: iniii ak pake yg beli di gramed hihi buat anak kecil, kalo kurang nutup, tunggu kering trus di layer lagi aja. aku gt soalnya hehehe