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Well hello there my beauty lovers.
I am taking a break from designing and then,
I remembered an invitation to an opening for Miracle Aesthetic Clinic.

Here I am excitedly going to introduce you to it.
Without further ado, lets jump into the story ;)

It was one fine Saturday
and roughly two weeks ago? Yes, I apologize for not updating this sooner.
Me and a gorgeous beauty blogger a.k.a a friend of mine Tia
arrived late to the location hence, I have no idea what happened in the beginning.

How many of you heard this Miracle clinic?
I have heard but truthfully, I have no idea what it is.
I thought it was a slimming centre

Nevertheless, I never put much thought and curiosity in it until the event!
Well, little did i know, that this is a beauty and aesthetic clinic!

Now that got my attention fully especially when I arrived, I read on the press kit
about the MD Laser for Skin Rejuvenation.

More on the laser later.

Miracle Aesthetic Clinic is a one stop beauty and aesthetic service. Dont get me wrong on the reason why I said "one stop". They basically have all the services and treatments for every woman's needs.
Miracle Aesthetic Clinic started 17 years ago in Surabaya on 25th July 1996 with the concept of "beyond result" which later they have spread their wings onto 18 different branches and locations:
Jakarta, Malang, Denpasar & Kuta, Balikpapan, Batam, Makassar, Medan, Manado, Mataram, Yogyakarta and Semarang.

They combined a modern technology and treatments for skin and body. Their concept of beyond result means not only to give an excellent and successful treatment, they are also giving comfort, safety, friendly-ness and privacy for every clients.

to find out more on Miracle Aesthetic Clinic, 
click here

Here are some pictures throughout the event.

The snacks! so yummy.
They are from Gourmet Kemang.

Alright, so now I will take you to the process of the MD Laser for Skin Rejuvenation.
I actually went with this laser procedure at another clinic and truth be told, I kinda stop after one time.
It was painful and I hate the burning sensation. I have been looking for a good clinic *and much assuring one of course* to continue to my laser treatment and then... I found Miracle Aesthetic Clinic.

Here is the procedure, this room is not actually the real room for treatment, usually this room is for consultation, so before you want to proceed with any treatment, consulting a doctor in Miracle clinic is advisable.

The treatment room that I will be taking you shortly, has a more complete facilities.

Before starting with the treatment, we have to put an anesthetic cream so the pain will be less and not that painful, then a good goggle is needed to protect our eyes.

I actually told Dr. Inggrid about my previous laser treatment and she allowed me and my blogger friends to feel the laser light onto our hand. It was still prickling hot but it wasnt that bad as the one I went with previously at a different place.

Alright, you are all probably wondering, why do I even undergo a laser treatment? knowing I am so much interested in makeup than skin care?

Laser treatment have a series of goodness!
One of them *the main reason I bring my guts to take this treatment* is to have an even skin texture.
If you have big pores, pigmentations, dullness, and wrinkles, you can considered this treatment.
Miracle MD laser skin rejuvenation is a therapy using laser technology Medlite C6, the newest generation from Q-switched Nd: YAG that the laser light can penetrate the skin layer at its maximum capacity. Aside from making the skin texture smoother, it is also to renew the skin with the photothermolytic method which basically work by releasing heat energy into the skin to stimulate collagen.

After a tiny test on my hand, I believe that one of their excellency is this laser treatment is relatively not painful, it doesnt caused scarring and no down time (means you can continue your daily activity afterwards straight away)

To go with the treatment it is advice to stop using daily skincare 3-5 days before so that you will get a maximum result. 

The process:

1. Cleansing with disposable sponge.
* i will get into their Sterilization program later*

2. Anesthetic cream for 30-45 minutes.

3. Before the laser treatment begins, eyes will be closed with their specialty laser goggles.

4. Q-Switched Nd:YAG (Medlite c6) laser will be applied onto the targeted area without having the top of the laser machine sticking to your skin.

5. Once the treatment is done, a good cold compression will be done to reduce the heat and pain.

6. A cream will be apply to reduce the redness.

7. A good whitening mask is highly recommended after this.
(picture below)

While we were waiting for the mask to settle, we were taken around the clinic and here I will show you their sterilization program *soon*. 

Here is the main lobby.

Then a staircase to go up to another floor.

This floor is where the treatment rooms are located.

Here is the waiting room for you if you are waiting for the anesthetic cream to work, this is where you can kill your time by watching tv or talk? or maybe if you come with your husband, boyfriend, a male friend yeah well they can wait here :) we all know how bored they can get right?

Here are the treatment rooms. 

Miracle Sterilization Program

It is a program that is done by Miracle Aesthetic Clinic for their clients to give a feeling of safety and security. A facial treatment has different process and steps and each steps taken always needed a facial tool such as: black/white heads extraction tool, needles, medical tools. They are all open to the diseases such as HIV, AIDS, HEPATITIS and many more.

To avoid that Miracle Aesthetic Clinic provide sterilization system with autoclave that is accredited with the International Standard.  Aside from this, they are also have a disposable system from sponge, clothes, bed spread, etc. and also not forgetting to use an antiseptic spray for the beauty therapist and customer before starting the treatment. 

This is the autoclave, the machine used for sterilization.

And once the tour is done, now it is time to announce the winner!
Here they are!

Here is the "after" laser and mask treatment.

The result after the MD Laser Skin Rejuvenation treatment usually consist of:

- Redness but it will disappear after a few minutes.
- Dryness and crack patches will appear on the targeted area but it will disappear in 1 week.

It is strongly suggested to avoid the sun and the result varies based on the skin concern. 
If you are:  having a virus or fungal infection, acne,  pregnant and breast-feeding, it is best to postpone your treatment!

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