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Hello ladies.

You may know that I am not familiar with Korean brand of cosmetics but!
I have my favorite! Probably 2 favorites.

One of them is STYLE NANDA/ 3CE.

I am obsessed with it. I love the style which I personally think it is not that
cute-sy but it is more to the type of.. feminine yet cool?

Anyway, I purchased these two products. 
Truth be told, I purchased them because of the pink packaging!

Here is what it looks like!
*I did some editing on this picture, so sorry if it is not that clear*

Packaging wise, I love it! I own a few pink packaging but this one is just unique.
It is in the shape of square and it is really easy to hold!
I really love the combination of pink and black.
Feminine yet strong.

Here are the colors that I pick
#607 BAAA

I am currently obsessing with nude and soft colored lipstick.
It goes so well with smokey eyes look.

Here are the products up close with their colors.

Here it is on my hand, please ignore the dirt on my hand haha

Alright, I have wearing this lipstick every single day just to test out the quality of this.
So far, I love the texture, it is creamy therefore it glides easily on my lips and it blends well.
It is also moisturizing. The pigmentation is of course superb! The scent wasnt that bad, I cant remember if there is any scent that is so obvious from this product. 

I love the colors that i picked and yes, I am holding myself back from purchasing pink tones lipstick.

Here are the lipstick on my lips :*
Please ignore my skin, it is being stubborn.

#607 BAAA

An orange and warm undertone which usually doesnt suit me but this one,
it works well on my skintone!


This is a nude with a tiny tint of pinkish peach undertone that is perfect for smokey eyes!

Alright, so that was a quick review from me.
Overall I am obsessed with this lipstick, not only the quality it has but also the packaging!
Hope it helps you if you are looking for one.

Unfortunately, I dont know if there is anyone who is selling this lipstick?
Maybe you can ask for a pre-order one?


okay, til the next post loves!

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Hey Girl Heyyyyy!!!
How is your day gorgeous?

I was invited by Caring Colours and Biokos to attend the
"Beauty Bloggers Gathering" at Outback Steak House in Kuningan City.

boy oh boy! 
I was beyond excited!

1. I have never been to Kuningan City
*pathetic me i know*

2. I know it is gonna be a great quality time to spend with my beauty bloggers friends and of course to meet the rest beauty bloggers whom I only saw and read their blog through my laptop monitor only :P
*it is like a blind date, that excitement and butterfly feelings in your tummy*

3. For some reason I know I will be meeting some special people from my previous trip to Singapore
*you know who you are, and I miss you all* and I did meet them, it was a pleasure to meet you all again!

Before I begin taking you all to the journey on the day, I would like to apologize the quality of my photography technique. If i can be honest, photography wasn't my favorite subject back in University.
So, you all probably can guess why my pictures are not at their best but hey! I am working on it :P

One fine morning, it began in McDonald Hayam Wuruk where I met the other 3 beauty bloggers to go together. Why? well since I have never been to Kuningan City,  and in case if I get lost, I prefer to get lost with friends.
It is always better than being alone right? *evil laugh*

Long story short, we arrived. Four beautiful beauty bloggers and also friends in real life walked towards the venue. We actually asked the information counter where the location was and the answered we got was: Are you beauty bloggers?
haha well i found it funny yet flattering.

When we arrived, we met Ms. Reza and fill in our data and since I changed my whole details, I gotta update them :P then we walked into the Outback Steak House. I met Cahya, she was with me on the trip to Singapore. Then I met Rika and Ms. Debby and of course Niken! 
I love seeing familiar faces :P 

The place was crowded *well we were late haha* and it begins with lunch! Thank God, we didnt miss the lunch, although I cant eat the main course, why you ask? I was sick with sore throat. 
Here is a tiny fact about me, I get sick SUPER EASILY if I eat something deep fried or grilled.
So i had to skip the main course although I did took some bite in it before sharing it to the whole table :) *i am such a nice person* 

I love the starter, I love soup and salad! and I love the dessert, I always have spaces in my tummy for dessert!

Now, I want to make all of you drools over these delicious lunch meals!

Here are the situation, crowded? YES! in a good way ;)
There were a lot of beauty bloggers whom I havent met before, I was so excited to meet them!

Mingling mingle time gorgeous!

Here is another friend of mine Nita, taking a bite on the main course that I am sharing.
I ordered salmon. I decided to go healthy, salmon is healthy although it is grilled :P

There were french fries and I couldn't eat them *boo-hoo*
Did you know that my favorite food is "french fries"?
My sister hates it, but I love it!

I got this goodies from BIOKOS. It is their exfoliating lotion!
Lunch and goodies? I love this combo!

I am a big loyal customer to Martha Tilaar products actually.
My mom uses the BIOKOS range. 
My sister uses the Dewi Sri Spa range.
I use.... SARIAYU, PAC AND CARING COLORS range for makeup!

I love makeup and I cant stop repeating on how good their qualities are and the prices that are super affordable! If you havent tried, I highly recommend them.

I also use BIOKOS range for cleansing and their facial scrub. I used the 30s range. Why?
I would love to prevent my skin from turning saggy when i am 30s, so prevention is a must!
*at least this is what I thought* 

I love the scent of the exfoliating lotion and of course i was happy when i got it as goodies.
Look it matched with my top! 

A little update on the moments before I arrived.

Since I came late, I was told that before I arrived, Dr. Martha Tilaar came and gave a short speech.
I met her a couple of times and took pictures together. She is a very charismatic lady. A successful woman who is also my inspiration.  I know the process to be this successful is not easy. You will meet a lot of obstacle on the journey but Dr. Martha Tilaar didn't give up even when the world seems to be unfriendly. This is the attitude I need to make myself do. She appreciated us for appreciating our local product. I personally used a lot from Martha Tilaar range from Biokos, Caring Colours, Sariayu, PAC, Dewi Sri Spa up to their tools. I support and always recommend our local product especially from Martha Tilaar to my friends who are not from Indonesia.

Once lunch was done, we were full and happy, the speaker was:
Ms. Edwina Waas. She is a beautepreneur!
Studied Business administration in Atmajaya Catholic University, Beauty Aesthetic, CIDESCO Diploma from Puspita Martha International Beauty School and currently she is the Principle of Puspita Martha International Beauty School. 

She taught us to have a good attitude in all times because, no matter how educated, beautiful, smart, creative we are, if we have a bad and rude attitude, it will just bring a negative image upon yourself.
I couldn't agree more. I met a couple people who are highly educated, good economy background and smart but attitude wise is poor.

The Keywords to be a beautepreneur are:

1.  Hobby & Business
I am doing this. Both for design and beauty. I love arts since a kid and i love seeing things at their best quality and look.  My main job description is branding image where I am responsible for every single image of the fields of designs I am handling. To create an image where the audience can see and relate how great and professional it looks, that is the satisfaction. I guess when it is a hobby, no matter how stressful the job is, you will still enjoy it.

2. To improve on your skill
You need to have that motivation to always be better. I was never good in designing through computer and in fact, I gave up once I was done with University but I always challenged myself to attack and deal with my weakness. Guess what? i worked on my weakness, and now that is one of my source of income and from there, it allows me to meet great clients.

3. To give a good quality service
This is one characteristic when you are a entrepreneur or in this case a beautepreneur. I learned this through my experience where I took the guts and the bravery to be independent. This is my top motto that I stand for whenever I work. 

4. To create a strong and powerful teamwork
In some cases, teamwork is needed. To get a good teamwork and a satisfying result, based on my experience, it is important to compromise, to be patience and to respect. 

I love listening and gaining knowledge based on my two passions: designs and beauty.
I love it when she explain on some successful student from the school. It is somehow gave me a boost to move forward to be successful. I mean I am a freelance designer where I have to work by myself. I love it dont get me wrong because I can divide my time wisely between design and beauty but there were times when I just want to give up! I do however want to start a business in beauty industry, if possible and mixture of design and makeup. I also am currently interested in special effects makeup.

I wish to be able to enrolled to Puspita Martha International Beauty School. They the the number one beauty school in Indonesia that provides knowledge and professions with their International standard.

 The school consists of:
- School of beauty aesthetic and spa
- School of hair dressing
- School of makeup
- Personal class
- Extension International Program
- Business and management

I read on the news one day, a 9 years old girl attended Puspita Martha International school to learn bridal makeup. Respect to her! There is also a 56 years old woman who studied makeup. That inspired me that learning is not a matter of age!

The school excellency of Multi Certifications (national and international), Multi Discipline of Science, Multi Industrial Relationship and Multi Professions. Their accreditation of certification bodies are: 

She also explained to us the top 10 most promising job and they are:

Lets see where I fall in this category. 
Yeap, I was a major student in Advertising and currently 
a freelance specialist for branding image.
Along the side, I am also accepting 
jobs for makeup, both beauty and fx 
which fall onto the Music and Acting field.

She also introduced us to the successful beautepreneur.

1. Chenny Han
- Airbrush technique and Laser cut bridal gown.
She is also another inspiration of mine and I really hope to be able to meet her one day.

2. Dr. Chris
- Beautepreneur in Beauty and Clinic Aesthetic.

3. Dewi Sugiada 
- Beautepreneur for traditional bridal and wedding.

According to Ms. Edwina Waas, the source of being an entrepreneur or beautepreneur are:
Knowledge, passion and fire.

I agreed with this statement. I have experience myself as an entrepreneur. My passion for arts, design and beauty are the ones that pushed me to go further. I cant see myself doing anything else but arts, beauty and designs. My knowledge helps me to shape my passion and making them into a better ones. Then I have that fire within me where I know I want to be successful not only in materialistic ways but I want my talent to be useful and help others who are in need.

Every satisfied clients for designs and makeup are another source of fire that make me want to go further and I didnt think I would ended up studying makeup but I did and now I am considering to study more.

Their students graduated with a promising professions. That is one main reason why I have been wanting to go and enrolled but I am still considering it due to my schedule. 

Next speaker is the beautiful Dr. Astrid F. Tilaar. MSI
She is the consultation doctor from Puspita Martha International Beauty School 
who held a master in Herbal Aesthetic.

Now, how can I describe her beauty?

If i were a man, it will took me a mili-second to notice her 
this proof to the statement of "an angel"
well probably a tiny too extreme but she is gorgeous!

I was amazed and astounded on how beautiful she is! 
and I am very sure every one in that room feels the same!

Oh! and...
She does look like Agnes Monica.
does she not?

It is all about skin care. 
Apparently, people with oily skin it is better to stay away from Vitamin E because it will caused more break out. Well I am such a newbie when it comes to skin care, unlike my mom and sister, so it is a good introduction to skin care from her :P

But i dont think I take Vitamin E for my daily supply? i am the worst when it comes to my vitamins supply, I always forgot them and thats how I ended up sick *sooner or later*.

She talked about "cosmeceutical" which means a combination of cosmetic and pharmacy/medical. 

So i manage to capture some information based on skin. 

Skin care now is a growing industry in the beauty department. With the concern of skin problems, we have the top 10 of skin business industries:
The most common ones are: The Anti Aging products. Yes we women are concern with this, one example is my mom and that is probably how i earn my skin care routine from, she has more knowledge in skin concerns than me :P 

One good and natural way to heal and prevent skin problems is the holistic ways. Now what are holistic healing? It is a healing that consisting of mind, body, emotions and spirit to be balance. If one of them is imbalance, it will affect their health and in this case it will reflected on their skin.

Now how to prevent from having skin concerns?
You need the 4 Rs, 

Now with the fast growing technology industry, we can get the help from treatments for our skin.
Relax: Botox treatment, Refill: Dermal Filler, Resurface: Laser, Redrape: surgical procedure.

Why these treatments?
Logically speaking for myself, I am currently concern with my big pores and pigmentation and acne scarring. This will lead to me thinking a lot on my skin which leads to stress and having stress means it is already affecting my holistic health (mind, body, emotions and spirit). Now to make my holistic health become balance, one way to fix these concerns. Based on my concerns, I know that I need the Resurface treatment which is the laser treatment for the skin texture. I have talked about this briefly in my one of my post but let me share it again.

Basically, a few months ago, I did have the Resurface treatment for my facial skin concerns but I stop because it was painful *well I have a very low tolerance to pain* but now I am looking to continue it.
I do however spot a tiny difference before and after that one time treatment, I realized that my pore has decrease slightly. 

I dont need the relax stage or refill or redrape, YET!
*haha just kidding*

Aside from technology treatment, we also have cometic treatment.
I do recommend BIOKOS range.


BIOKOS has corporate together the formulated products and the nature's essence to bring the balance and best skin care to our skin with the collaboration technology from MT. France where they combined nature's best ingredients with advanced technology. 


Nature for me is always a good thing to be found in every single thing in life. It has an endless function and advantages to be used in life and in this case, skincare range. 

Expert is where a good research and result are done to produce a good range of products in this case, the BIOKOS product ranges that are divided and targeted to every age group.

Technology comes to give a good quality check on every single products.


Contains Bio Hazel Extract for women in their 20s and the main concern at the age group is the oily skin and i am currently going through that.

Contains Bio Aloe Vera to retain moisture as we are turning into 30s, our skin oil level will decreased so this is to prevent and to help our skin texture and elasticity and this is why I used this range. Prevention at its best!

Contains Bio Seaweed Extract for women in their 40s to keep the skin looking healthy.
This is what my mom uses although she is in her 50s but she has been a good loyal customer to this range. 

Alright sorry for the long introduction to the products, I just have to write them and insert them here,
so that you will understand the relation between holistic healing and BIOKOS.

After the introduction to skin, we shall begin with the beauty class!
Now, what do you get when beauty bloggers meet up + a beauty class?

A beautiful chaos!
*in a positive and good way*

While we were waiting for the products, lets have some picture time :)

Now this was what I was waiting for, the beauty class.
I love attending beauty classes actually.
I always get a new knowledge in every single class.

We were provided with this Caring Colours kit, I have never seen this one in any of the Martha Tilaar shop though. 

Caring Colours is one of my favorite local brand. 
Let me give you a brief background on this brand.

Caring Colours was created by Dr. Martha Tilaar supported by a group of pharmacists and doctors that gathered into the PT. Martina Berto Research and Development team. This is where they do a lot of researches, experiments and tests to produce the best quality cosmetics for women especially Indonesian women. The "New Caring Colours", the colours that care, is the ONLY one cosmetics products that combined makeup and skin care. They are based on natural ingredients such as: 
-Vitamin A, Jojoba Oil, Aloe Vera and Coconut oil for moisturizing
- Vitamin E and Gingko Biloba for anti aging
- Collagen for skin elasticity
- UV Protection 
- Vitamin C & Mulberry extract to reduce the pigments and to make the skin radiant

The NEW CARING COLOURS come in 3 different range, they are:
- Colour
-Make up Base
- UV White

Caring Colours are also produced for Inspiring women. At this era, we women are expected to be active, more confident and to be positive around people. Not only that, some of us are working women where we are busy handling and dealing our business. I had the chance to meet some of the inspiring women when I went with the Creative trip to Singapore with Caring Colours! 

In our daily life, we also face different factors that caused skin problems such as: pollution, ac, sun and stress. That is why I tend to go for Caring Colours and their beauty kit. It is practical to be carried in your handbag, the colours are suitable and it has skincare that helps my skin. Why not right? ;)

Not only we got a chance to try out the Caring Colours makeup, we also have the chance to try BIOKOS skincare range. But i am familiar with all of them hehehe :D

Say Hello to the Skin Expert, Ms. Nur Azizah.
I met her a couple of times when I attend one day class in Puspita Martha Tilaar.
Yes I did mention I love taking one day class right?

She was there for the Christmas makeup look for one day class *if i am not mistaken*.
She taught us on cleansing. I literally know the steps because I attend the beauty classes often hahaa

This is not a big news but hey I have a hair cut!
I thought it looks weird but I received a lot of compliments, thank you so much :*
Keeping my hair short from now on :)

And here let me introduced to you, 
The Intelligent Beauty bloggers.
At this time, I felt we were engineers haha
We were figuring out on how to make our case stood up and not falling down :P
We nailed it!

Alright the first step is:

I honestly didnt do this step because I dont want to scare people with my bare face haha ;P
So i keep my foundation, eyelashes and eyebrow on.
And it took a very a long time for me to draw my eyebrows.

But having a deep cleanse after a makeup is really recommended from me.
I never sleep with my makeup on.

Alright back to the steps, removing your makeup, make sure to swipe it on one direction at a medium strength because we dont want to ruin our skin around the eyes and lips as they are very sensitive.

Since I didnt do the skincare steps, I shall show you my gorgeous friend who was removing her makeup. 

Next, apply the cleansing milk on 5 points on the face: chin, cheeks (2), nose and forehead.
Massage it in a rotating motion starting from the chin going upwards.
Apparently, massaging while cleansing has its benefits such as: increasing the circulation below the skin and to relax the tension.

And here is Nita, demonstrating and following the steps whole heartedly.

Then I forgot to take pictures because truth be told, me and my friends were laughing.
I cant revealed why but we were. I remember the steps though. 

So lets continue!

Once the massage is done, it is always good to cleanse it with a facial foam but since we were nowhere near any sinks, we move on to the toner to refresh the skin. 

The best thing about this skincare steps is you can apply it when you are at home and I have been doing that since the first time I met the Skin expert and she taught me this. 

Here is a diagram that I took from BIOKOS website to give you a much clearer image of home facial.

Now the makeup!
Let the creation of beauty from Mr. Tony began!

Again, i forgot to capture the first step which is:
Applying the base!

Foundation or BB Cream it is.
I believe we were using the BB Cream * I wasnt paying attention due to laughter* but based on the texture, I know it is the Caring Colours BB Cream.
*YEAP thats how familiar I am with their product*

Then we settled it with powder.
Here again, my gorgeous friend Nita as the model for our table.
Leonita and Jesslyn helped her in applying the powder.
Now if this isnt love, i dont know what it is.

A beauty blogger love! Not only we love beauty but we care for others too!

The next step is the eyeshadow appliance.
Feel free to choose any color from the palette ;)
As they look natural and will have a good natural finishing!

I love their pigmentation on the eyeshadow. They are super pigmented and high quality.
They have a smooth texture that allows the eyeshadow to be blend easily.

We were so concentrating on the whole beauty class process.

While the process of the eye makeup continue, 
I decided to go forward and capture the whole collection of Caring Colours products and BIOKOS.

So if you are curious, hope these pictures helps!

The makeup process went neatly. What I love the most about beauty class, as I have mention above was the knowledge I gained. I learn on eye stitching! This process is the process taken for clients who have small eyes. This steps is done to enhance the eyes to look bigger!

 I used this process whenever I applied makeup on my clients but I never knew what this is called in here ;) But I am glad I know now!

What is eye-stitching technique?

I am here going to revealed my secret tip and technique for asian eyes like mine.
I dont do this technique to all of my clients but to the ones who has smaller or monolids types of eyes.

Here is a quick and easy step:
1.  apply an eyeliner on the top of the upper lash line, 
giving a space between the the real lashes and the false one.

2. apply the false lashes ON TOP of the eyeliner.

3. Once the falsies are stick onto the lids, apply a reasonable amount of glue onto the bottom of the false lashes, and using the end of the brush, stick the falsies and the real lashes together.

4. Lastly, apply your favorite mascara.

Once the eye makeup done, blush on, never to be scared to apply too much blush on because if it is too thick, you can reduced it by applying powder! Mr Tony said so and I agreed with him! especially if you will be doing photo shoot, girl! you need those blush and contouring strong!

Of course the last step is the lipstick!

Here are the pictures of the speaker of the day!
Very inspiring people who loves to share beauty knowledge.

Here are the winners for the event :*

And us!

Before I end this post,
I just want to say, it was a great pleasure to meet all of you. Some old faces that I dont have the chance to meet oftenly but was the cure of the missing feeling :P and some new faces whom I didnt got a chance to say hi but "Hey!!!!!!!!!!! Nice to meet you" *virtual hugs* 

To a great event, a great meal and a great day! Aside from my sickness on the day, I had fun and I hope to be able to come to the next up coming events! Thank you for the Knowledge I earned and mostly, thank you to be the inspiration for me to be better as an entrepreneur and beautepreneur. I know I still have a long way but I will always reflect back to this day where I know I am not alone and I can do it!

Lastly *i promise*
A picture of us in front of Outback Steak!
Sorry it is a blur.

Picture courtesy to: BIOKOS website.

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