Saturday, March 8, 2014


Hello you gorgeous ladies out there :*
There are times I wonder, why do girls carry handbag?
I seriously have no idea even for myself haha but it is all fun right?!

Having a handbag is like having another part of me. It is like half of my soul.
All I need for my daily activity is all inside the handbag.
My handbag change a lot but the content of it mostly, they stay the same, just not the bag :P

So, let me take you to the journey inside my bag ;)

All the daily needs:

- my phones
(this is where i keep contact and updated with my clients and the world)
- keys
(no keys, i cant go home)
- wallet
- usb
- scarf
(yes i get cold easily)
- makeup pouch
- medicine pouch

Now the fun part, what do I have on my daily makeup pouch?
Well things inside tend to change a lot. Depending on the place that I am going and my mood.
But let's see whats inside!

The main products that I never took out are:

- tissue (wet &dry)
- oil blotting paper
- compact powder
- lipbalm

The products that change are:

- lipstick 
(currently loving the Tom Ford lippies, YSL, Dior. 
I know that 3 lipsticks are a lot but i cant decided which on to keep haha)

- Dior travel kit 
(this is a go to travel kit, it has lipsticks, blush and eyeshadow)

- Eyebrow pencil
(although my eyebrow stays the whole day but, i would love to bring it just in case)

Alright then, this is all for today's post!
Sorry it is a quick ones ;)

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Xiao Vee said...

itu eyebrownya pake elianto kah fwee? :D
nice post ;)

don't forget to join my giveaway ^__^

theresia fweegy said...

@xiaovee: hmmm bukan sih hhihi lupa apa paling g jauh2 dari tfs