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Who here love a good falsies?
Good in terms of: affordable and good choices.

Let me introduce to you:

This is a one stop online store where you can buy all beauty items from face, makeup, nails, fashion and more ;) I cant stop browsing when I open this online store's website, you all should click on the link above to check it out ;)

Stay until the end of the post to see the surprise!

I think not only this is a store but this is also a community, where everyone can join ;)
Newbie or not, we are here to share what we love the most, fashion and beauty.
I myself love beauty so much and whats even more exciting?
To be able to find a website that not only sells beauty and fashion items,
but also provide a good inspiration to the world. 

Not only they sell beauty and fashionable items, they also have a section specialized for bloggers and buyers where they can show their creation. I love it! I got a chance to meet bloggers from another country ;) I love meeting new people!

Come and join the community ;)
and here is the screenshot, just incase you want to splurge, they accept paypal, mastercard and visa.
They ship with EMS, DHL, TNT, UPS, FED EX.

Talk about convient and practical!
I love the choices they have ;)

Alrighty, moving on!
I received this box of lashes *i love falsies* from
in the code #036

*just incase you might want to get them ;)*

Here is a box with 10 pairs of handmade falsies and I pick this style.
Thin on the inner corner but thick on the outer corner.
It comes in this white box, separated nicely and remember,
the thin and shortest side is placed on the inner lash liner while the longest side is placed on the outer lash line.

Here is the closer look ;)
The band of the falsies is super flexible and applied easily. Each of the lashes are soft and it looks natural on my eyes. I have tried a lot of falsies, some of the falsies I have tried before somehow has the tendency of poking my eyes. It was uncomfortable but with this one, it doesnt.

Apparently, a lot of makeup artist in here usually go for this Taiwan handmade falsies but of course they will combine and mix different style depending on the occasions.

Here it is a closer look of the eyelashes. The band is transparent which is good so that it blends in nicely with the glue and the liner ;) It blends with my own eyelashes naturally.

Here I am wearing them :) I love false lashes, I remember how bad I was when I first started to apply them. With eyes like mine, small, falsies help a lot in enhancing and enlarging the eyes. It makes my eyes more lively and bright.

I, too, believe that, a good eye makeup will change a person's look into a better one.
Like what people say, the eyes are the window of the soul.

A good eye makeup is one of the secret to a good makeup look,
and if you want to get a good makeup look, try some falsies ;)

I have a 10% coupon code for you ;)

Wanna know how to get it?


then, hover to the right side of the blog,
click the first image with "FGH10"

happy shopping fellas :*
hope you all have a great joy browsing through

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