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Hello everyone! Happy Saturday!
As i have promised you on my previous post,
I will be doing a short and quick review on the 6 colored facial mask.

So what are the 6 colored facial masks?
I am very sure you are all familiar with facial mask right?
Menard have a slightly different and unique facial mask.
How unique?

First, there are 6 colors to choose from:
*as you can see from the picture below*
- Pink, green, yellow, black, blue, white

Aside from their attractive colors, *trust me i love the colors, i wanted to try them all*
they have their own function, specialty and aim to solve a specific skin problem to the fullest.

1. Colax care pack (pink) is used for dry, wrinkle and saggy skin.
2.  Beauness care pack (green) is used for oily combination, acne prone and uneven texture skin.
3.Double vita pack (yellow) is used for dull and saggy skin.
4. Moist pool pack (blue) is used for dry and uneven skin.
5. Whitening pack (white) is used for dry, dull and pigmented skin.
6. Clean pack (black) is used for oily combination, big pores, blackheads, dull and uneven texture.

Each of this mask, came in a box like this *picture below*

The mask itself, cant be used at home, it is used specially at the facial salon.
Now let me take you to the process of the whole facial at Menard, Central Park Jakarta!

Before starting with the facial, everyone needs to do a beauty skin check to see which masks suitable for you. This is highly recommended to get maximum result.

From my previous post, it is the same process of the skin check ;)
with the skin scope.
click here to read

and the result was:
- uneven skin texture
- pigmentation

and.... i didnt realized how important sun block is until i get my skin check haha
So ladies, make sure to apply sunblock!

Then here is the facial salon, such a classy and clean room!
Their motto is to give endless beauty.
I love with! with a touch of purple- lavender soft color tone, it just make the place more cosy.

Let me take you to the room tour :P
Here is the sink and mirror.

and here are the range of skincare the beautician will be using.

The facial is slightly different from other places.
I was afraid that the process will include extracting the white/black heads or pimples, but it didnt!

The first step was: cleansing.
This is where they cleanse your face to get rid of the dirt.
What I realized from the whole process, they use the steam while massaging the face and shoulder. 
One thing I love of self pampering is a good massage!

Menard  applied basic skin and anatomy knowledge physiology, celebral physiology and shiatsu technique point (to increase blood circulation, muscular function, inner beauty aura)

Then they do scrubbing to lift up all the dead skin cell.

Through out the process, they also applied hot towel and it was soothing!
I think being sick with a cold and a hot towel really relaxed me.

Once all the cleansing and massaging is done, it is time to do the facial mask!
Within the packet of the mask, it contains serum and the mask powder.
You need to apply the whole face with the serum that comes with it.

Then mix the mask powder with ice water, make sure it is apply at its cold state to give a total effect!

This is the first time when i have a facial and it covered my whole eyelids.
It was nice :)

I pick beauness due to my oily skin. The texture of this mask is also different from other masks i have tried.  I have tried: clay mask and paper mask. But nothing can compare to this mask!

It feels "rubbery" as soon as it touch onto my skin and it settled really nicely.
I can feel it is setting on every part and inch of my skin. It has the cooling effect throughout the whole entire time which i never feel it before at other masks i have tried. 

Because of the "elastic and rubbery" texture, it moulds my face haha :D

To finish the entire process, a moisturizer cream was applied :)

I personally recommend the facial. why?

1. it aims at the specific skin problem
2. a good skin check is done before the process to make sure you get the maximum result.
3. A comfortable room ;)
4. a good texture from the mask and how it feels onto the skin.
5. a good final result after using it (refreshing and brighten my skin)

well i hope this short and quick review is helpful!

Until next post :*

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belliani bebe said...

Wah, asiknya perawata wajah di sana.jenuh stress dan capek hilang semua kalo udah perawatan wajah maupun badan

Neni Diyanti said...
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Neni Diyanti said...

fegii.. hahaha foto masker yg terakhir lucu banget.. gue kira itu dipake di muka, eh ternyata di tangan. yaowoh mata gue tertipu hahaha :p

mangstab nih abs facial muka lgsg cling cling

Neni Diyanti said...

aduh fegi, double post comment x__x gw apus 1 yaa

Catherine Widjaja said...

Baru tau kalo ada masker yg eyelidsnya di pakein juga hahaha , kayaknya sih emg ak yg katro kali ya, perlu di coba kayaknya ini hahaha

theresia fweegy said...

@belliani: iyaaa apalagi kalo lagi pusing ma kerjaan/tugas enak nehhh hihihi

@neni: iye gw minta ama si mba jgn d buang hahaha lucu kannn

@catherine: hehehe yuk di cobaaaaa, enakkk

key_error said...

ekspresi pas lihat foto. oooh, wow, waaah, wuihhh
eh giliran yang terakhir "pfffffff"

nice review btw :D

theresia fweegy said...

@key: hihi lucu kan maskernya, itu ak minta sama si beautician jangan di buang dulu, mau aku poto.