Tuesday, March 4, 2014


Hello pretty!

Today's post is about my daily makeup, updated one of course.
Daily makeup is basically makeup that I wear when I dont feel like doing a lot of eye makeup and deep contouring. Just one of those lazy days but I wanna look presentable.

This is also one way for me to do and get a flawless complexion *Almost*
But just before I start, I want to get some information clear.

There are several ways to get a flawless skin complexion. This is just my own personal way.
I always love procedures that are practical and convenient. If you have acne scarring (no acne within, just the scar), big pores, bumpy and red acnes, those are rather hard to get covered. Big pores probably is easier when you use primer. 

If you have discoloration and pigmentation those can be covered with concealer or a good coverage foundation.

Now, for my daily makeup look, I skip primer, sometimes concealer. 

Lets begin!

#1. I apply foundation. This is my current favorite foundation, the double wear from Estee Lauder
(although I used to dislike it well it is my favorite now!)

#2. I usually skip this step but for you, I decided to apply concealer, to cover and give my skin an even skin tone.

#3. Powder. I use loose powder to set everything on my skin. I barely use compact powder *unless i am on the road already* because I think compact has the tendency of making skin too cake-y.
*but then again, it is personal preference* 

#4. I have to do my eyebrow! I shave my eyebrows, so I can reshape them.
 i have no problem doing it every single day ;) take it as practice.

5. Then I love to enhance my eyes, the first thing that I do is to apply an eyeliner on the upper lash line and I usually apply it on top of the upper lash line only. Some people might find it weird if I dont apply it on the bottom lash line but hey! This is my own personal way of getting ready ;)

#6. To brighten the eyes even more, i love applying falsies, make sure the type of falsies you pick is natural. I got mine from http://www.bornprettystore.com/
and they have a lot of beauty items that you can get at a very affordable price!

You can get 10% off by using this code: FGH10

come and grab your favorite pair of eyelashes!

#7. I always apply a natural color of eyeshadow, it could be shimmer or matte.
Colors ranging from Ivory pink and beige.

#8. The I apply a soft pink blush onto my cheek, mostly on the apples to give that fresh look ;)

#9. Last but not least,  makeup isn't finish without a lipstick!
Usually I would go with pink or natural shade of lipstick but if you prefer a brighter color, then feel free to apply them ;)

And here is the final look ;)
You still can see the acne scarring and pores because I didnt apply primer but the skin is in an even color tone. 

Alright, Until the next post ;)
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Sha Aullia said...

Lt pro baguskah? aku jadi pingiiin... flawless <3

Suzuran スズラン said...

simpel tapi langsung cling


theresia fweegy said...

@sha: lumayan sih hehehe ak pake ltpro hehehe
@suzu: makasih sayang :* hehehe