Wednesday, March 12, 2014


Hello to you my gorgeous people!
*kisses and hugs*

As you may know that I recently, well not so recent, purchased EM COSMETIC mini life palette and posted it on Instagram. Some of you requested for a review, so before doing a valid and proper review, I decided to do a makeup tutorial by using the palette ;) 

This palette is a limited edition for valentine, it comes in two different color combinations.

I didnt get my hands on the life palette before because they were sold out so I decided to get this palette ;) It was a long wait but it was worth it ;)

So lets begin with the tutorial ;)

#1.  Apply foundation, powder and eyebrow
*this is my basic base before makeup*

#2. Lets move on to the eye makeup ;)
Apply "admire me" all over the eyelids and blend it well.

#3. apply "black sparks" on the outer corner of the eyes.
I need black eyeshadow to enhance my eyes ;)

#4. apply the "black sparks" on the bottom lash line halfway then apply "admire me" from the inner corner of the bottom lash line halfway.

#5. Apply a liquid eyeliner on top of the upper lash line.

#6. Apply a black line on the waterline.

#7. curl your lashes and apply your favorite mascara!

#8. pick you favorite lashes!
I use this one that I got from
get 10% off by going to: 
Hover to the right side and click on the first image "FGH10"

#9. Apply a liquid eyeliner on top of the falsies ;) to make it more near and natural.

#10. Use an angled brush and apply "bronzy lady" to contour your face.

#11. Lastly, apply "roses are red" onto your lips.
You have an option, to leave it matte like this or apply "plum passion" on top of the "roses are red"

And... ta-dah!
You are done you sexy seductress!
I love this palette, I know that my complexion works well with dark color ;)

Here is a closer look of the eyes using Em Cosmetic and falsies from Born Pretty Store.

And here is the whole look ;)
I personally think a red lipstick wont go wrong ;) just find the perfect shade for you skin tone.

I hope you enjoy this quick tutorial from me by using Em Cosmetic.
Review will be up soon on my blog so make sure you stay tune on it!

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