Sunday, February 16, 2014


Hello my gorgeous people!
I am back here after being away for a few days :P

Today, I have a review on the go for you.
Dont worry it isnt lipstick *for once*

Another obsession of mine: palettes.
Yes, palettes that contains min. of eyeshadows and lipsticks.
Big tiny medium, I love them all!

I have been looking for this tiny palette from NYX for a very long time and I gotta say, at one point I was on the edge of giving up but luckily, i found it when i was in Metro, Plaza Senayan. They probably have it at other places too but thats the place that I found.

Here is the packaging of the product.
Simple, medium size and I actually think that this is suitable to be put in your purse.
I got the

"One Night in Morocco" NYX STAY MATTE SMOKEY LOOK.

Now we all know how much I love me some smokey look right?
It makes my eyes bigger and smokey look is suitable if you have smaller eyes ;)

This is how the product looks like when you open it.
The perfect combination of smokey look colors for eyeshadow and lipstick.
Not only eyeshadow, it also has the eye base that I usually use.
I think it is the eye base :P

If you love a smokey look, I really do recommend this palette for you.
It has all the colors that you need for smokey looks, both day and night.

Here is some close up look, but the down side with this is it doesnt come with the brush,
so you have to prepare your own brushes.

All of the colors are matte, so it makes it even more natural after appliance. 
Some of the colors can be used as shading and highlight ;)
All you need is the brush appropriate for shading/highlight and some patience.

And look at the lipstick!
It comes with 4 shades of different tones of pinks. Now you know how I love my pink!

Now lets go to the quality of the products.
Honestly, when it comes to NYX, their products are unpredictable.
NYX is one of my favorite brand and I do own a number of them.
I realized one thing, their pigmentation varies.

I always look for a good high pigmentation when I buy makeup.
This product right here, I must say *sadly* the pigmentation is medium although they are build-able.

The texture is somehow powdery and a slight velvety, they are easy to blend though.
I dont remember about the scent but I guess since I dont remember, it means it doesnt bother me.

I do love how they have 8 different shades for us to choose!

The similar facts go to the lipstick in the palette. I actually personally prefer lipstick by itself *a.k.a I dont really like lipstick palette* I hate using lip brushes haha

The pigmentation for the lipstick is medium but this is the thing I found in most lipstick palette and this is why I dislike buying lip palette. For some reason I found most of the palette I own doesnt give off a good high pigmentation but they are build-able.

The same thing goes for the lipstick in this palette, although they are gorgeous, I have to apply a few layers to be able to get the color showing. They are easy to apply and blend.

Here is me wearing the products:
eyes- grey and black
lips- 4th color from the palette from left to right.

My conclusion:

Even if the pigmentation is medium, the products are build-able, if you have the patience then I do recommend this product.  I love this palette *regardless the pigmentation* because, it is an easy-to-go palette that you can own. 

You can bring it when you travel because the size is small compare to others, the colors are perfect for day and night and for all skin tones, and if you are a makeup artist and you are rushing, this palette might help although you have to build the colors up ;)

So, somehow it is a practical product everyone needs.

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Vani Sagita said...

Yah sayang amat di lu nongolnya medium yaa.. Dulu gue pernah kasi temen gue ini padahal kulitnya gelap loh tapi mayan nongol setelah pake basenyaa..

Yuni Usmanda said...

sayang kurang pigmented padahal warnanya wearable dan yang paling penting matte

theresia fweegy said...

@vani: Vaniiiiii!!! hahaa iyeee kurang, padahall gw uda muter2 mall and olshop demi ini, gpp deh,, tetep kepake paling gw layer2in hihi

@Yuni: iya mungkin karena matte kali ya/? tapi tetep kepake, harus di layer2 hihi