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Today, I am taking you back to a few weeks ago. Remember when a natural disaster attacked Jakarta? flood, rain and gloomy weather? Yes those days were miserable. 

To make that day more "brighter", I got an invitation from MAKEOVER makeup to attend their exclusive beauty blogger gathering that was held in FX Mall. Let me tell you something love, MAKEOVER MAKEUP is one of my favorite local brand. They are good in their product pigmentation and last very long. 
(click here and here to see some reviews)

The event was held at the MAKEOVER store in FX Mall and it was running with the guidance of Lizzie Parra and MAKEOVER crew. It was a fun day although the weather was gloomy but I got a chance to meet a lot of new people and blogger whom I met only over the internet ;)
I love meeting new people, making new friends and just do what I love.

Without further ado, let me take you to the experience of the beauty blogger gathering.
I arrived late but the event didnt start yet which is lucky! The event was divided into two sessions with 8 people max per session, I pick the first session. 

When I arrived, the makeup are all set on the table, it is one of my weakness to see a table full of makeup hahaha yes i do own most of the stuff but it is still a major weakness to play around with makeup. Oh i remember when I was in high school where we were not allowed to apply them, i broke that one rule! haha

One of my favorite product from MAKEOVER is their liquid foundation. I did a review once and the link is above ;) 

Here are the shades, just in case you might want to buy.
L-R #01 #02 #03 #04
i think ;)

Here is my face before ;)
pretty plain.

Introducing: Lizzie Parra, the makeup artist for MAKEOVER!
I have been wanting to meet her, she is such a lovely person, she shares a lot of makeup tips and tricks!

And... here is Thea!
Thea is one of the beauty blogger who attended and she is a friend of mine.
Such a petite cute girl :P and this is her before look,
to see after, go to her website ;)

Oh! the one below, is the product that I have been wanting to try,
if you have a review or tried this one out, let me know ;)

A quick info if you are asking what are the differences between the two colors.
Green is for redness, so if you have redness on your face, apply a green base to neutralized the skin tone. Purple is to brighten the whole complexion, so if you have a dull skin, apply the purple color before foundation.

Next, this is my favorite palette!
If you are in a tight budget, and are looking for a great concealer,
this is recommended from me. In fact, I personally think that this is the dupe for MakeUp Forever.

I apologize for not taking a lot of pictures through the beauty class, I was busy learning and applying makeup but i manage to capture this though, this is how to do shading and contouring.
I will do a separate post on contouring and highlight.

As, you can see my face is not so round anymore haha :P
but Hey! chinese people believe that, round face brings luck.

Well, what d'ya know!?

and I decided to remove my eyebrow haha
ta-da it is bold! 

And here is the finish look!
The after picture ;)

Then an event isnt complete without a group photo.

Lastly it is me and Ichil!!!

Thank you for visiting!

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