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Hello there you gorgeous beautiful people!
how are you all today?
I am so lacking in updating my blog *sowwie*

Today i have an event to report to you.
I was invited by Loreal to attend their new treatment which is the:
Totok Creambath Aromatheraphy.

First of all, I LOVE CREAMBATH!
I dont think this term is heard in other countries, in fact, from my own knowledge 
Creambath is the hair treatment/service that is created in Indonesia.
So if you are not indonesian that lives overseas, let me introduce to you what is a creambath.

Basically, a creambath is a hair treatment, where they will put hair mask and massage your head.
Honestly, i do get headache a lot due to designing and creambath-ing is one relaxing way to release stress-tension on the head or neck to the shoulder area.

If you are coming down to Indonesia, make sure do give a creambath treatment a try ;)
and make sure you used this products that i will be showing you soon in this post!

So i arrived pretty early on the event because I had to meet a few clients to wrap up all the designs, then we reached there and started to have an early lunch. I met with the several bloggers whom I know hehehe and we had a good early dinner.

Then we were directed to a room and in here, they introduced us to the new and improved hair treatment. 

As you can see from the pictures
*sorry for the bad quality, i forgot my camera*
they explained in details what are the advantages of acupuncture and pressure on certain parts of the body.

The 2 new products that they will be using and released are:

They come in mint and chocolate.

Kindly enlarge the picture to see the goods they bring!
They are all use natural ingredients that are good and nutritious for the hair.

The steps of this hair treatment is similar but slightly different.
They start by washing your hair, applying the hair mask of SENSORIA CARE then they will do the
pressure/totok onto certain area of the head. The best thing is, we have a doctor specialized in this area taught which area to apply the pressure on so there wont be any mistakes that are fatal.

Then leave it on for a few minutes, washed them and dried them ;)

Here is Dr. Irzan who is the specialist for acupuncture.

These pictures below shows the different spot where the pressure will be apply through out the treatment.

and this picture is just for fun haha because I am there!

Alright once the presentation is done, we were lead to another room where we get our hair washed and treated. This is the Loreal Academy! *wow*

Here are my two gorgeous friends haha candid shot by me!

Here is me getting my hair washed!
I look so tired and pale :/

Here is the closer look for the products and oh!
The shampoo they used is the one I am using and the funny thing is,
when i was shopping for beauty stuff for my makeup case, i was just asking for fun for shampoo
and they recommended the shampoo to me * i dont have the picture sowwie* but then I didnt want it yet they accidentally count it so, well, I just used it haha and turned out, it is a good shampoo!

I do have a very oily scalp and mint always soothed my scalp and this product right here stimulate the sensory system in every human, it moisturizes the hair and scalp.

The MATRIX NEW SENSORIA CARE CHOCOLATE FUDGE SPA CREAMBATH are the ones for dyed colored hair. It will protect the color so that it wont fade away fast.

They also have one more but I dont have the picture 
which is the
with the argon oil that absorb into the hair to give shine.

As you can see, he is applying pressure on certain spot and believe me!
This is heaven when you have migraine!

and the event was finished by us giving a testimonial ;)

Now let me get to you the details of this service. By using Matrix new sensoria care aromatherapy it has the calming, refreshing and reviving effect to the hair and scalp. It has a good effect on health especially stress-tension * like how i was experiencing on the day itself*. It has three sessions:

- Relaxing 
* this is good for the blood circulation to flow normally and to relax the muscles

- Stimulation
* to calm down the headache, stress and stiff neck

- Refreshing
* to increase the sight, breathing and hearing, also to help with the sinus and tired eyes.

I am so thankful to be able to attend this event!
Thank you Loreal!
See you at the next event!

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