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Good Morning Angels!
Let me begin this post with a picture of an award ;)

can you guess what this is?

Who here never heard of Menard? I am sure you have heard of it before.
How do I find out about Menard?
My mom of course, being a woman who is obsessed with skincare,
she really recommends Menard!

It is an honor to be invited to Menard event in Japan Beauty Week.

Japan Beauty Week (JBW) is a beauty exhibition event that was held by Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) Japan. The event was held in January at Plaza Senayan Jakarta on 23-26 January 2014. There were 30 medias and invitations from different brands such as Menard, Kanebo, Astalift, Kracie, Hada Labo and Panasonic Beauty. There were demos from each brand and for Menard, they were doing a soft launching for their new skincare called LISCIARE and the 6 facial colored mask!

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Before I start taking you all through the journey of the event,

Here is a sneak peak of the new skincare products ;)
Look amazing right?
I cant wait to try it!

Alright, lets begin!
This is the event and it was opened by Stella Lee ;)

And here we were sitting down nicely and having a chit chat before the event started.
It was great meeting the rest blogger, even fashion blogger!

Here on stage, the demo of the Tsukika and Beauness skincare was shown.
To read more about them, click here on the previous beauty class I attended with Menard ;)
*stay tuned for the Tsukika and Beauness review on my blog*

Each of us here, got the chance to try the product!
I always believe of a good sample as a good marketing.

And here, we were introduced LISCIARE.
The secret to have a smooth soft silky skin lies here :)
The pressure, the movement and the instruction on applying the skincare were shown too!

I remember the great scent from LISCIARE.
The final outcome was a good smooth texture.

And here is the 6 facial colored mask,
to know more, I will have a detailed post about it!
and a secret mission ;)

But to summarize the mask, the facial mask, comes in different colors (6 colors)
and each colors fix different types of skin problems. The mask was unique,
well I never tried this kind of mask before.

This is how to prepare the mask!
Cool huh?

Apply it onto the surface and leave it dry!

Here is Jess trying out the mask ;)
click here for her blog

Each of the bloggers had the chance to try.
So what makes this mask different compare to the other masks?

Look at the texture!
When it dried, you can easily lift it up without hurting your skin. What's even more unique was
the shape and the texture of the mask that was kinda rubber-ish? stretchy?
well let me show you the picture below do the description!

This is Wenny ;)
click here for her blog

Once the event was done, we had the chance to try out the facial mask!
So stay tuned together with the review somewhere this week? * I hope*

Let me introduce to you the other bloggers below who took a picture with Wenny:

and here we are!!

Well just one more picture, Nita is asking and having her skin check ;)

Alright, that is all for today's event post!
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