Wednesday, February 26, 2014


Hello Glamorous people!
A few days ago, i was invited to a glamorous event by GLAMGLOW.
It is the event where we had the chance to meet the bubbly and fun co-founder of Glamglow

Glenn and Shannon Dellimore.

Bubbly, funny and charismatic.
That is how I would describe them.

I am one of the loyal fan and customer to Glamglow.
I have tried the Youthmud, LOVE IT!
I even recommend the product to a lot of people.
Well I guess, it is worth every penny.

That is probably why I was super duper excited when I received the Invitation
to meet the co-founder of Glamglow!

The event took place in Plaza indonesia Moovina, I arrived late :P
but I hope i didnt missed a lot of information. 
The MC was Nadia Mulya *another gorgeous woman*

When I arrived, they were introducing the places and people who used them.
A bunch of A-List spas, production house and even actress/actors/singers use them.

The products also being sell in airlines and hotels.
Here is the funny story, Glenn was telling us his idea for the name of this product.

Wellllll..... I like GLAMGLOW better. It is simple, exclusive and professional.
*insight from a graphic designer*

I have tried the Youthmud
(click here to read the review)
I gotta say, this product is a superb product to be used if you are busy person 
and would love to have a glowing skin within a few minutes instantly.

I really recommend this product, apply it before applying your makeup to give that extra glow ;)

Here are a few well-known people in Hollywood who tried them ;)
Michael Buble * gosh i love his sexy voice*
Miley Cyrus and Nina Dobrev
* i cant deny whenever i see Nina, Ian Somerhalder appear in my mind, he is the perfection in life, Ian if you are reading this, I HEART YOU :P*

Throughout the session, we also had the chance to try out the Youthmud and Supermud.
I have tried the Youthmud. Now I am curious about the Supermud.

First impression on hand:
- it has a stronger scent compare to the Youthmud and the color is darker. Dries the same as Youthmud.

Glamglow actually carries a few other range of products such as:
-Brightmud eye treatment 
* I think this will be good if you have dull skin around the eyes*
- Thirstymud
*Hydrating treatment, I think this is for people with dry skin (although i am sure most skin types can use this)*

And... here is... me!
Not missing the chance to try the SUPERMUD from Glenn!

First impression:
- the scent is stronger than the Youthmud
- I dont feel any strong uncomfortable tingles, infact, I barely felt any tingles.

Then we had the photo session with the EMMY AWARD!
all the way from HOLLYWOOD!

I had the chance to touch it!
I feel like a celebrity at that moment
*even with the nose covered in SUPERMUD*

Oh and here is TIA!
visit her blog here

Then, nope, the event doesnt stop there!
It continued to the cocktails party at night in Moovina.
Here is where a few other bloggers joined us!
It was a fun night!

I didnt take a lot of pictures but I took more on my Instagram *follow my iG* to see what we were up to :P 

Thank you Glamglow Indonesia for the invitation!
I really enjoyed the events!
I hope to see you at the next event ;)

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Istiarina Putri said...

feegy, foto gw lagi melongo ngecek hp hahaha. ijin grab foto ya mamiiiiihh

Shinta Laura Dewani said...

I do want this, I saw glamglow mud often. But still looking forward to the money adding for it huhuhu student -__- T.T

Leonita Nerisa said...

too bad I can't join you guys :(

Love, Leonita

theresia fweegy said...

@tia: monggooo di grab hehehe
@shinta: glamglow is recommended :D worth every penny hihii
@lele: yeahhhh harusnya lo ikut ma nita!! hahaha