Tuesday, January 7, 2014


Happy Belated New Year everybody!
This post should be up early January like 1st or 2nd but then, I got sick haha :P
Well, hows you new year? good?

I decided to start and write my first review of 2014 with the new color trend from Sariayu 2014.
I think it would be appropriate. 2014 with a new and fresh review :P

So lets begin shall we?
Here is the collection of the products for color trend 2014 (exclude the foundation) that I received
*thank you Sariayu for trusting me to write the review*

Kindly click to enlarge and view the picture nicely.

Alright, to summarize the inspiration for the 2014 Color Trend, it is inspired by Borneo. Kalimantan is one of the biggest island with tropical rainforest. It also has variety of different, mesmerizing and unique traditions. Hence the products of color trend 2014 are produced.

So lets review the first product :)
the Marshmallow blush on.

Do you know the texture of a marshmallow?
Bouncy soft and not sticky.

Well, that is the texture of this product.
It dries as soon as you apply it. It isnt messy due to the texture that is packed together.
It has a good pigmentation. 

From close up, somehow it looks like a lip balm, but it is not.
It has a dry yet smooth texture that ease up the application.

The color is so vibrant and layer-able.
It blends easily into the skin so you dont have to worry about the harsh line or color pay off.
This product is super handy if you are a busy person, apply this product with your finger tips and blend on the go!

Next, the eyeshadows!
There are three eyeshadows in this collection.

Coelogyne Marthae

Manik Banuaka

Tikar Badai

The swatches and reviews:
Borneo 01 / Coelogyne Marthae

This is known as Orchid. In Kalimantan, this flower has the color of yellowish-green, orange and brownish-purple. 

Borneo 02/ Manik Banuaka

This inspired from handmade product that has a deep meaning of cycle of life based on Dayak civilization. These are visualized by Electric yellow, blue and pink.

Borneo 03/ Tikar Badai

This is the most natural color from Sariayu collection that gives a huge impact on my eyes, and also this palette is probably my most favorite ones. * i have small eyes so i am always excited when i have black brown and beige in one palette*

This palette is inspired by the handmade mat that are made from rattan and wood fiber that is the unique  point from Dayak ( Jagoi Babang/ kab. Bengkayang) that lives in the borderline of Kalimantan Barat and Serawak. This is the most natural collection that is a must have for every single one of you! :*

The swatches on my eyes,
in this pictures, I didnt apply any based or eyeliner/mascara,
I want the color to be the main focus in here ;)

Remember you can always layer the colors up and apply a based to enhance the color.

If you are a follower of my blog, you would have known that Sariayu was the first Indonesian Local product I have tried and they amazed me with their quality. To summarize, I love their pigmentation that is so strong and vibrant. I love how velvety they feel like and it is blend easily onto the eyes. I love how long it lasts on my eyes. I am super excited for the natural palette from this collection!

Lipstick Color Trend 2014.
Now my favorite part hihihi, lipstick!!

For this color trend 2014, they came out with 4 different shades of lipstick that every girl must own.
From red, to pink, orange and to natural.

The swatched and reviews:
Again, I wont ramble on the quality of the lipstick because I have done a previous blog on the quality but! let me just write a short one ;)
I love their pigmentation ( only one swipe needed ), I love the moisture in it, it last long on my lips and they are super affordable!

Here are the swatches:

Alrighty then!
I hope you enjoy this review, and they are out in store!
Prices vary but I can assure you that they are affordable and wallet friendly. 
* i think you can get 1 lipstick+eyeshadow+blush for around IDR 150.000 or probably less*
I hope this helps you in picking out your favorite colors, mine is Tikar Badai + Borneo 04 lipstick.

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r-auLia said...

suka sekali sama warna lipstiknya :)

Sarah Mar'atul Azizah said...

Thanks a lot for the swatches!
Langsung tertarik sama lipstiknya waktu liat di fp sariayu. I think I will love number 1 and 3 >_<
Eyeshadownya always pigmented bgt yaa, sukaa :D
Hidup produk Indonesia! \m/
Katanya ada mouse foundation juga ya? Nggak di review sekalian kah? hehe :p

Xiao Vee said...

waaaa warna2nya menggoda *___*
thanks for sharing fwee :D

Vani Sagita said...

Wah baru gue nyari soal infonya. Cakep2 banget yah warnanya.. cuma paling tertariknya ke marsmallow blush on sama lipstick borneo 1!

Erna Wijaya said...

Cakep2 banget warnanya >__<

Winda said...

warnanya cakep-cakeeeeeeppp >.< nice review fwee ^_~

theresia fweegy said...

@R-AULIA: iyaa warnanya keren!

@sarah: iyaa mousse aku ga dpt utk di review hihi hanya dpt ini aja :P i love indonesian productsss!

@vee: welcome vee, hehee warnanya top dehh harus di beli :P

@vani: iya gw malah tertarik sama eyeshadow n lipstick hahah

@erna: yuk di beliiii *hihii evil grin*

@winda: welcome win, di borongggggg!!

Yuni said...

Eh, cantik-cantik banget. Aku jadi tergoda sama lipstik borneo 04 itu. XD

dina chen~ said...

warnanya bener2 borneo nya kalimantan ya jie, aku suka packagingnya ^^
btw, itu lipstick bold banget, sukkak >w<

theresia fweegy said...

@yuni: ya yang borneo 04 bagusss! rekomen banget hehehe

@dina:iya dina, warna2 sariayu mank pigmented, maka itu aku suka bangettt :D

Ica Elriyashi said...

warna yg lipstik yang b 04 bagus bgt >.< kira2 cocok ga ya di kulit medium - tan??