Friday, January 17, 2014


Hello my munchkiens!

I have this new goodie that I have been loving recently.
I love doing my eyebrows and I am still practicing to get a good shape of eyebrows.

I have posted a picture on my instagram
on me having no brows and how I shaped them ;)
Using this product right here!

It is the Sleek brow kit
#extra dark 819

The packaging is cute, not really tiny though and simple and sleek, just like the name ;)
At the back contains the whole information on this products incase some of you are allergic to certain substances? then you can kindly check out the ingredients.
*click on the image to view*

To open this product, just simply pull the lever on the front side of the packaging.
Inside contains 2 different colors and texture. It also contains the tiny tweezers and brushes.
Love it when things are super handy :P

The colors are in dark brown, that is the color I chose. 
On the left side is the one with the wax-y texture and on the right side is the one with the powder texture. Having two textures like this in one palette is a very good thing if you are a makeup artist, 
you can use the wax texture to shape it nicely for the clients who have scarce eyebrows or the powder texture who the ones who has a perfectly filled eyebrows ;)

The brushes are so tiny but they are still useful!
I use the angled one *middle* to shape my eyebrow using the wax then the flat rounded top to fill it in with the powder.

The quality is superb and actually this amazes me on how great it is. Well I kinda lose hope of finding a good one but this one is perfect. Both texture has great pigmentation, colors that are vibrant and natural. It last long too!

It blends in nicely and dries quick. It doesn't  make the eyebrow looks cake-y or tattoo-ed and that is the important part!

Here is the proof ;)
Ignore my scarce eyebrow haha

This is how I do it, sorry for the lack of pictures,
I totally forgot to capture haha

1. Using the angled brush from the palette, dab it lightly onto the wax,
then shape the eyebrow according to your liking.
*let me know if you want me to do a video on how to shape the eyebrow*

2. Still using the brush, fill in the eyebrow with the wax.
Then use the flat rounded brush, dab it onto the powder then apply it onto the eyebrow,
I feel this way is to lock the wax.

Dont forget to brush through to make it natural ;)

You can get an extra 10% off if you want to purchase this item!

Here is how:

Go to the right side and scroll down until you see this:

Then click on it and happy shopping!

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