Saturday, January 25, 2014


Helloooo my beauties!
So, this post is one thing I barely do,
even in my own spare time because I dont have the skill and talent.
But i am going to give it a try just for you ;)

So if I can do this, you can too!

This hair style, is super easy and simple yet it adds that touch of
"work hard" in it :P and since Chinese New Year is coming,
we all know that dinner and visiting relatives is in front of us,
well why not look better this year?

This look can we wear on other occasions even when you go to classes, works,
meetings, etc ;)

SO, you need to curl your hair before starting.

Here are the list that you need:
*before i start, i use the heat protectant and spray some hair spray so the curl stays longer*

First, make a bump on your bang or fringe.
Or you can put it on the side and use bobby pins to lock it.

Second, divide your hair in 3 partings:
left, middle, right.

Take the middle part divided into 2 partings:
up and below

and tie them with elastic plastic hair tie.

Third, take one side (i start with the left side) and divide it into 2 partings:
up and below.

Take the below part, tease it and place it on top of the below middle part, secure it with bobby pins.
Do the same onto the right side.

(so it is like: below part meets the all below part, vice versa)

Then do the same steps for the rest of the upper part ;)
simple right?

Take the upper part from the left side, tease it, put it onto to the upper middle part and secure it with pins ;) do the exactly same thing for the right side.

Make sure everything is neat, if you have baby hair, spray some hair spray or apply some wax or gel to secure them.

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1 comment:

Xiao Vee said...

aku jg pgn sekali2 bikin hair tutorial tp msh blm jago >_<
mungkn coba lain kali dibikin video aja fwe? biar makin jelas step2nya ^^
nice tut >w<