Saturday, January 18, 2014


Hello everyone!
A few days ago, I was invited by Menard to attend their event.
I myself have heard of Menard ages ago but never got a chance to try their products especially their skincare. I was excited when I got the invitation!

The event located at Central Park, Jakarta.
The event was about skin consultation and how to use their products in a correct way.

When I arrived, there were Melly and Jesslyn. The table was set for us to try out their skincare.

Then on the corner, it has variety of snacks and drinks.

Alright, back to the table, the skincare were provided and here they are:
Cleansing cream, washing cream and Beauness toner.

On the other side of the room, they also have a table showing their new skincare!
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They also have a tiny corner for makeup well it was our request :P

So, the first thing we had to do was to get our skin check to know the condition.
Here is me, waiting for my turn :P
Snacking and drinking tea!

Here are the closer look of their three products that I will be trying today.

Keep on reading if you want to know how to use the net ;)
It is an innovative item that is a must in your beauty kit.

Alright, it is my turn now to get my skin checked!
First, they have to cleanse a tiny spot on my forehead and cheeks.

Here is the program that they used to check.
They have a few questions beforehand so that they know our basic needs and details.

First they check the hand.

Then the cheeks.

And... turned out, my skin is suitable for my age.
But i do have a dry texture :P

The first thing we are using is the Cleansing Cream, to get rid of all the dust and dirt.
You know when you live in a busy metropolitan city with full of pollution.

Apply the cleansing cream, and massage it until the texture becomes oily.

Can you see that the left side of my cheek in the picture is more oily than the other one?

Here is the sneak peak of the other beauty bloggers haha :P

Then washed it but since we are far away from any sink, using a sponge is alright but if you are at home, kindly washed the whole cleansing cream off from your face with water.

Next take the washing cream, put it on your palm, use the net with the other hand and
in circular motion with some water, massage it to make it foamy.

This is how it looks like after a few minutes of mixing and massaging the cream and the net.

To use this washing cream, make sure just the foam that is doing its job not your hand.

Then washed it off with water if you are at home but I had to use the sponge :P

Last but not least, used the Beauness toner and 
tap it in an upward motion.

And I am done!

The feeling I get after is moist, cooling and bouncy :D
It isnt burning my skin * i have a pretty sensitive skin*

If any of you are looking for a great skincare, I do suggest Menard.
I actually have been wanting to buy their makeup range and skincare especially their moisturizer but I have to wait until May :P

Well stay tuned for the next event to know what's their new product range!

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