Wednesday, January 1, 2014


Well well well, after I wrote about my NEW YEAR 2014 RESOLUTION,
I just remembered I havent post this event out on my blog.
I thought it would be appropriate to start the year by writing one cheerful post!

Back in December I was invited to join Clinique Indonesia event.
The event was purely just to make someone happy.
I personally think this is a great move. By giving out balloons, samples and flowers to the people who passed by *yes everyone who passed by* I know that will make their day much better. The color of the counter and the layout is orange and I believe orange has a deep  meaning of true happiness, excitement and prosperity.

From the pictures below, you can see how festive the event was!

I decided to capture some of the main counter with their products.

They are divided into skincare and makeup.
Not forgetting the special spot for them to apply make up.

Since it was the season holiday, they had variety of travel size products combined.

Now, how do we make it cheerful?
Of course with an accapella group!
They have the voice of angels.

Then i got myself a makeover :P

Below are the products that they use for me,
incase you want to give the a try?

Alright! until next time loves!

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