Saturday, January 25, 2014


Helloooo my beauties!
So, this post is one thing I barely do,
even in my own spare time because I dont have the skill and talent.
But i am going to give it a try just for you ;)

So if I can do this, you can too!

This hair style, is super easy and simple yet it adds that touch of
"work hard" in it :P and since Chinese New Year is coming,
we all know that dinner and visiting relatives is in front of us,
well why not look better this year?

This look can we wear on other occasions even when you go to classes, works,
meetings, etc ;)

SO, you need to curl your hair before starting.

Here are the list that you need:
*before i start, i use the heat protectant and spray some hair spray so the curl stays longer*

First, make a bump on your bang or fringe.
Or you can put it on the side and use bobby pins to lock it.

Second, divide your hair in 3 partings:
left, middle, right.

Take the middle part divided into 2 partings:
up and below

and tie them with elastic plastic hair tie.

Third, take one side (i start with the left side) and divide it into 2 partings:
up and below.

Take the below part, tease it and place it on top of the below middle part, secure it with bobby pins.
Do the same onto the right side.

(so it is like: below part meets the all below part, vice versa)

Then do the same steps for the rest of the upper part ;)
simple right?

Take the upper part from the left side, tease it, put it onto to the upper middle part and secure it with pins ;) do the exactly same thing for the right side.

Make sure everything is neat, if you have baby hair, spray some hair spray or apply some wax or gel to secure them.

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Tuesday, January 21, 2014


Hey hey heyyyy!
Another quick tutorial on my blog today ;)

I am going to show you a very quick and easy nailart.
After I googled for so many design, I decided to go with two designs
that I think are easy and quick.

The products that you need are:
- RED & GOLD nail polish
- white, yellow, black, red paint 
- tiny brush 

All of the paint and brush can be buy at a stationary store.

Just before I start, i am not a nail artist.
This is my first nail art tutorial and I am still learning and improving.
This is my own way of doing, so if you have your own preferably way in designing, feel free to use it ;) 


Start by applying your red nail polish, let it dry.

Next, take your brush, dip it into the white paint lightly.
*make sure the paint is not too much*

Then, lightly "dot" onto the nails on the spot of you likings.
You make make 3 dots up to 5 dots.

Once the white dots are done, dip it onto yellow paint and 
dot once in the middle of the white dots to make it looks like a flower ;)

Do the same of the Yellow and white paint ;) so you have a white and yellow flower!



Again, start your nails with the basic gold color.

Use the black paint, make small rugged tiny stroke to make it looks like branches.

With the same step of dotting, apply it with the red and white color on the nails.
It can overlap with the black branch if you wish.

Lastly, apply the yellow dot in the middle of the "flower" that you made.


Simple and easy right?
If it is confuses you, like how it does to me at first haha
I went to youtube to search ;) there are a lot!

I hope it helps!

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Saturday, January 18, 2014


Hello everyone!
A few days ago, I was invited by Menard to attend their event.
I myself have heard of Menard ages ago but never got a chance to try their products especially their skincare. I was excited when I got the invitation!

The event located at Central Park, Jakarta.
The event was about skin consultation and how to use their products in a correct way.

When I arrived, there were Melly and Jesslyn. The table was set for us to try out their skincare.

Then on the corner, it has variety of snacks and drinks.

Alright, back to the table, the skincare were provided and here they are:
Cleansing cream, washing cream and Beauness toner.

On the other side of the room, they also have a table showing their new skincare!
Want to know what it is? well make sure you subscribe to my blog!

They also have a tiny corner for makeup well it was our request :P

So, the first thing we had to do was to get our skin check to know the condition.
Here is me, waiting for my turn :P
Snacking and drinking tea!

Here are the closer look of their three products that I will be trying today.

Keep on reading if you want to know how to use the net ;)
It is an innovative item that is a must in your beauty kit.

Alright, it is my turn now to get my skin checked!
First, they have to cleanse a tiny spot on my forehead and cheeks.

Here is the program that they used to check.
They have a few questions beforehand so that they know our basic needs and details.

First they check the hand.

Then the cheeks.

And... turned out, my skin is suitable for my age.
But i do have a dry texture :P

The first thing we are using is the Cleansing Cream, to get rid of all the dust and dirt.
You know when you live in a busy metropolitan city with full of pollution.

Apply the cleansing cream, and massage it until the texture becomes oily.

Can you see that the left side of my cheek in the picture is more oily than the other one?

Here is the sneak peak of the other beauty bloggers haha :P

Then washed it but since we are far away from any sink, using a sponge is alright but if you are at home, kindly washed the whole cleansing cream off from your face with water.

Next take the washing cream, put it on your palm, use the net with the other hand and
in circular motion with some water, massage it to make it foamy.

This is how it looks like after a few minutes of mixing and massaging the cream and the net.

To use this washing cream, make sure just the foam that is doing its job not your hand.

Then washed it off with water if you are at home but I had to use the sponge :P

Last but not least, used the Beauness toner and 
tap it in an upward motion.

And I am done!

The feeling I get after is moist, cooling and bouncy :D
It isnt burning my skin * i have a pretty sensitive skin*

If any of you are looking for a great skincare, I do suggest Menard.
I actually have been wanting to buy their makeup range and skincare especially their moisturizer but I have to wait until May :P

Well stay tuned for the next event to know what's their new product range!

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Friday, January 17, 2014


Hello my munchkiens!

I have this new goodie that I have been loving recently.
I love doing my eyebrows and I am still practicing to get a good shape of eyebrows.

I have posted a picture on my instagram
on me having no brows and how I shaped them ;)
Using this product right here!

It is the Sleek brow kit
#extra dark 819

The packaging is cute, not really tiny though and simple and sleek, just like the name ;)
At the back contains the whole information on this products incase some of you are allergic to certain substances? then you can kindly check out the ingredients.
*click on the image to view*

To open this product, just simply pull the lever on the front side of the packaging.
Inside contains 2 different colors and texture. It also contains the tiny tweezers and brushes.
Love it when things are super handy :P

The colors are in dark brown, that is the color I chose. 
On the left side is the one with the wax-y texture and on the right side is the one with the powder texture. Having two textures like this in one palette is a very good thing if you are a makeup artist, 
you can use the wax texture to shape it nicely for the clients who have scarce eyebrows or the powder texture who the ones who has a perfectly filled eyebrows ;)

The brushes are so tiny but they are still useful!
I use the angled one *middle* to shape my eyebrow using the wax then the flat rounded top to fill it in with the powder.

The quality is superb and actually this amazes me on how great it is. Well I kinda lose hope of finding a good one but this one is perfect. Both texture has great pigmentation, colors that are vibrant and natural. It last long too!

It blends in nicely and dries quick. It doesn't  make the eyebrow looks cake-y or tattoo-ed and that is the important part!

Here is the proof ;)
Ignore my scarce eyebrow haha

This is how I do it, sorry for the lack of pictures,
I totally forgot to capture haha

1. Using the angled brush from the palette, dab it lightly onto the wax,
then shape the eyebrow according to your liking.
*let me know if you want me to do a video on how to shape the eyebrow*

2. Still using the brush, fill in the eyebrow with the wax.
Then use the flat rounded brush, dab it onto the powder then apply it onto the eyebrow,
I feel this way is to lock the wax.

Dont forget to brush through to make it natural ;)

You can get an extra 10% off if you want to purchase this item!

Here is how:

Go to the right side and scroll down until you see this:

Then click on it and happy shopping!

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Tuesday, January 7, 2014


Happy Belated New Year everybody!
This post should be up early January like 1st or 2nd but then, I got sick haha :P
Well, hows you new year? good?

I decided to start and write my first review of 2014 with the new color trend from Sariayu 2014.
I think it would be appropriate. 2014 with a new and fresh review :P

So lets begin shall we?
Here is the collection of the products for color trend 2014 (exclude the foundation) that I received
*thank you Sariayu for trusting me to write the review*

Kindly click to enlarge and view the picture nicely.

Alright, to summarize the inspiration for the 2014 Color Trend, it is inspired by Borneo. Kalimantan is one of the biggest island with tropical rainforest. It also has variety of different, mesmerizing and unique traditions. Hence the products of color trend 2014 are produced.

So lets review the first product :)
the Marshmallow blush on.

Do you know the texture of a marshmallow?
Bouncy soft and not sticky.

Well, that is the texture of this product.
It dries as soon as you apply it. It isnt messy due to the texture that is packed together.
It has a good pigmentation. 

From close up, somehow it looks like a lip balm, but it is not.
It has a dry yet smooth texture that ease up the application.

The color is so vibrant and layer-able.
It blends easily into the skin so you dont have to worry about the harsh line or color pay off.
This product is super handy if you are a busy person, apply this product with your finger tips and blend on the go!

Next, the eyeshadows!
There are three eyeshadows in this collection.

Coelogyne Marthae

Manik Banuaka

Tikar Badai

The swatches and reviews:
Borneo 01 / Coelogyne Marthae

This is known as Orchid. In Kalimantan, this flower has the color of yellowish-green, orange and brownish-purple. 

Borneo 02/ Manik Banuaka

This inspired from handmade product that has a deep meaning of cycle of life based on Dayak civilization. These are visualized by Electric yellow, blue and pink.

Borneo 03/ Tikar Badai

This is the most natural color from Sariayu collection that gives a huge impact on my eyes, and also this palette is probably my most favorite ones. * i have small eyes so i am always excited when i have black brown and beige in one palette*

This palette is inspired by the handmade mat that are made from rattan and wood fiber that is the unique  point from Dayak ( Jagoi Babang/ kab. Bengkayang) that lives in the borderline of Kalimantan Barat and Serawak. This is the most natural collection that is a must have for every single one of you! :*

The swatches on my eyes,
in this pictures, I didnt apply any based or eyeliner/mascara,
I want the color to be the main focus in here ;)

Remember you can always layer the colors up and apply a based to enhance the color.

If you are a follower of my blog, you would have known that Sariayu was the first Indonesian Local product I have tried and they amazed me with their quality. To summarize, I love their pigmentation that is so strong and vibrant. I love how velvety they feel like and it is blend easily onto the eyes. I love how long it lasts on my eyes. I am super excited for the natural palette from this collection!

Lipstick Color Trend 2014.
Now my favorite part hihihi, lipstick!!

For this color trend 2014, they came out with 4 different shades of lipstick that every girl must own.
From red, to pink, orange and to natural.

The swatched and reviews:
Again, I wont ramble on the quality of the lipstick because I have done a previous blog on the quality but! let me just write a short one ;)
I love their pigmentation ( only one swipe needed ), I love the moisture in it, it last long on my lips and they are super affordable!

Here are the swatches:

Alrighty then!
I hope you enjoy this review, and they are out in store!
Prices vary but I can assure you that they are affordable and wallet friendly. 
* i think you can get 1 lipstick+eyeshadow+blush for around IDR 150.000 or probably less*
I hope this helps you in picking out your favorite colors, mine is Tikar Badai + Borneo 04 lipstick.

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