Sunday, December 15, 2013


Well ladies...

Say hello to:

Limited Edition!

This box is launched to celebrate the special moments of achievement made by Sariayu Martha Tilaar group and it consists of: Eye kit, lip kit & shimmering powder that are inspired from the variety of different skin tone from 5 continents: Asia, Australia, Europe, Africa & America.

Now you all know I am the biggest and the most loyal customer to Sariayu!
If you have read some of my posts about Sariayu products, you would know the main reason why I love them. They have a very good quality in color pigmentation that I dont need to apply a lot because the color is just super stunningly vibrant!
I also love the lightweight and long lasting power it has.

The shimmering kit itself has 5 function:
1. Can be used as shimmer powder by applying equally all over the face.
2. The white color is used as a highlighter for the face.
3. The brown color is used as shading and contouring.
4. The brown color can be used for eyeshadow by combining it with the pink shade.
5. To give some freshness on your face by adding the pink shade for the healthy glow.

Here is the packaging, I had this one before and I didnt know how to use it.
But I do now :) and I created the 5 looks below by using this product following the 5 steps/functions as i mention above.

I love the pigmentation of this product, the quality that is lightweight and easy to blend.

All the colors represent the 5 continents such as brown is made for Asia, shimmering gold is for Africa, blue is for Europe, pink is for America and maroon is for Australia. Lip kit is also chosen based on the SARIAYU COLOR TREND and each of them represent women from the 5 continents such as peach, red, violet pink, bright pink and soft pink. 

Here is the packaging, I love the design on it.
It represent Indonesia! I am very proud,
I wish I can contribute some of my design for Sariayu too :P

The colors that this product has is perfecto to the max!
Some colorful colors and some neutral, I love my neutral colors :P

I love the pink shade in the middle,
I wonder whats the name.

I wont bore you with the repetition of the review :P
Since I did many of Sariayu product reviews and as I stated above, 
the main reasons why I love their products.

Now, lets jump into the looks that I created following the steps from the brochure that comes with it.

Now which one is your favorite?
I love the lipstick color for:
Enchanting Europe
Gorgeous Australia

If any of you know the name or the code for these two lipstick,
let me know please :*

other than that,
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Uswatun Khasanah said...

keren gy looks nya,
btw itu shimmernya lebay gak sih? gw pengen beli shimmering powder dr dulu, cm takut lebay gitu buat highlight

theresia fweegy said...

@anah: kaga sih wrnanya naturalkok hehehe