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Hello my dear gorgeous ladies,
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This is the first post in December!
are you excited? are you feeling festives?
Do you want to know how I prepared myself for Christmas?
Let me know if you want me to do a Christmas Beauty post :*

Anyhoo, who here suffers with acne?
When I say acne, I mean the ones like mine,
sometimes i will get this hormonal acne due to "that" time of the month.
It is super annoying because the hormonal acne like mine are red, swollen and sometimes I will get cystic acne. 

This is just a heads up, if you have cystic acne, kindly seek a doctor on how to heal them.
If you have hormonal acne, you can give this product a try although it will be gone after "that" month :P just to cool down the swollen and redness. If you have normal acnes, I do recommend this product.

Want to know what product?
It is the:

Sampar Prodigal Pen
(essentials oils)

It comes with the box packaging where the informations are printed.

So let's see what does it do?
First of all it contains 8 essentials oils
1. Cinnamon
2. Lavender
3. Savory
4. Thyme
5. Oregano
6. Rosemary
7. Cloves
8. Sage
(kindly google them if you want to know more)

These ingredients are well known as spices and kitchen condiments.
So they are all natural ;)

All of these ingredients have the ability to remove blemishes and to clear irritations.

Here is the look for the bottle, they are tiny and cute and pink!

The size is rather tiny but it is enough trust me.

All you need to do it to twist the cap,
and there will be a roll-on applicator that you can apply straight away to the spot.
I cant deny that it has this sensation of tingle, cooling (but it is only for a very short time) and it has a strong scent.
(but it is expected since most of the ingredients are spices and natural)

The product is liquid and it has a clear solution.
It doesnt leave any marks or stain and it dries quick onto the spot.

You need to apply this 4-5 times a day,
I tried but I keep on forgetting :P
nevertheless here is the result ;)

I can tell that the swelling and the redness have toned down
but as for the marks, it is still there but thats how me and my acnes are,
they leave scars :( even when I didnt pop them.

I got to be honest that I didnt put 4-5times because i forgot :P
but with the result looking so good, imagine how fast it will be if you apply it 4-5 times a day.

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