Monday, December 23, 2013


Hello :)

It seems like I am obsessed with a water based cleanser.
why? because water based works well on my oily skin.
I feel like it lift up the oil and dirt off of my face 99% at once.

So i was walking around the mall and I saw BIFESTA, yes my friend recommend the cleansing oil but apparently, I couldnt find that instead I saw this, so I bought them thinking I should give this a try.

This is the packaging, blue! so fresh and cool and clean :P
I love the pump, it gives such an ease for me to use it.

Alright, another reason why I purchased this is:
The word : express.
I love things that are quick.

and then the word : sebum.
yes thats me.

then, this one! 
removing makeup picture.

And at the back, it has the information in Japanese but i dont read japanese.

But! not to worry, it has the indonesian translation!

and here is the close up look of the pump :D

Alright, I gotta be honest, the first thing I did was smelling the scent haha
It has a stronger scent than Bioderma but somehow I felt that this has a similar scent.
Who knows :P

It is in a water form hence the water based cleanser :P
I love and i have faith in Japanese product
*this is a japanese product no?*

Their products usually work super well on me.
I love how this cleanser helps with the makeup remover and cleansing the skin if you are traveling.

So without further ado, let me prove to you how great this is.

Here is my eyes with makeup.

As usual. I pumped two pumps only :)

This is how much I used.

One wipe only and it doesnt sting my eyes, no burning feeling or any discomfort.
I used this for days when I have light makeup :)

For a heavier makeup, let me know if you want me to do a video or post on how I remove and cleanse my skin :P

So, in conclusion, I think this product is similar with Bioderma :)
I love them both. I love how quick it cleanse the skin or the makeup at one wipe. i love how it doesnt create any discomfort on my skin. It doesnt have any scent but I also realized it has a cooling feeling when you wipe your face :D like a clean, fresh and cool feeling on the skin.


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Sarah Mar'atul Azizah said...

Ini mirip Sariayu Pembersih All in One. Water based juga, lumayan ampuh jg, skali usap fondi atau bb cream lgsg kehapus cukup bersih.

Thanks for the giveaway, I'm in :D

theresia fweegy said...

@sarah: iyaaaa aku langsung beli abis baca komen kamuuu haha bagusss! :D ga kalah ya produk lokal kitaaa