Monday, December 23, 2013


Hello :)

It seems like I am obsessed with a water based cleanser.
why? because water based works well on my oily skin.
I feel like it lift up the oil and dirt off of my face 99% at once.

So i was walking around the mall and I saw BIFESTA, yes my friend recommend the cleansing oil but apparently, I couldnt find that instead I saw this, so I bought them thinking I should give this a try.

This is the packaging, blue! so fresh and cool and clean :P
I love the pump, it gives such an ease for me to use it.

Alright, another reason why I purchased this is:
The word : express.
I love things that are quick.

and then the word : sebum.
yes thats me.

then, this one! 
removing makeup picture.

And at the back, it has the information in Japanese but i dont read japanese.

But! not to worry, it has the indonesian translation!

and here is the close up look of the pump :D

Alright, I gotta be honest, the first thing I did was smelling the scent haha
It has a stronger scent than Bioderma but somehow I felt that this has a similar scent.
Who knows :P

It is in a water form hence the water based cleanser :P
I love and i have faith in Japanese product
*this is a japanese product no?*

Their products usually work super well on me.
I love how this cleanser helps with the makeup remover and cleansing the skin if you are traveling.

So without further ado, let me prove to you how great this is.

Here is my eyes with makeup.

As usual. I pumped two pumps only :)

This is how much I used.

One wipe only and it doesnt sting my eyes, no burning feeling or any discomfort.
I used this for days when I have light makeup :)

For a heavier makeup, let me know if you want me to do a video or post on how I remove and cleanse my skin :P

So, in conclusion, I think this product is similar with Bioderma :)
I love them both. I love how quick it cleanse the skin or the makeup at one wipe. i love how it doesnt create any discomfort on my skin. It doesnt have any scent but I also realized it has a cooling feeling when you wipe your face :D like a clean, fresh and cool feeling on the skin.


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Sunday, December 15, 2013


Well ladies...

Say hello to:

Limited Edition!

This box is launched to celebrate the special moments of achievement made by Sariayu Martha Tilaar group and it consists of: Eye kit, lip kit & shimmering powder that are inspired from the variety of different skin tone from 5 continents: Asia, Australia, Europe, Africa & America.

Now you all know I am the biggest and the most loyal customer to Sariayu!
If you have read some of my posts about Sariayu products, you would know the main reason why I love them. They have a very good quality in color pigmentation that I dont need to apply a lot because the color is just super stunningly vibrant!
I also love the lightweight and long lasting power it has.

The shimmering kit itself has 5 function:
1. Can be used as shimmer powder by applying equally all over the face.
2. The white color is used as a highlighter for the face.
3. The brown color is used as shading and contouring.
4. The brown color can be used for eyeshadow by combining it with the pink shade.
5. To give some freshness on your face by adding the pink shade for the healthy glow.

Here is the packaging, I had this one before and I didnt know how to use it.
But I do now :) and I created the 5 looks below by using this product following the 5 steps/functions as i mention above.

I love the pigmentation of this product, the quality that is lightweight and easy to blend.

All the colors represent the 5 continents such as brown is made for Asia, shimmering gold is for Africa, blue is for Europe, pink is for America and maroon is for Australia. Lip kit is also chosen based on the SARIAYU COLOR TREND and each of them represent women from the 5 continents such as peach, red, violet pink, bright pink and soft pink. 

Here is the packaging, I love the design on it.
It represent Indonesia! I am very proud,
I wish I can contribute some of my design for Sariayu too :P

The colors that this product has is perfecto to the max!
Some colorful colors and some neutral, I love my neutral colors :P

I love the pink shade in the middle,
I wonder whats the name.

I wont bore you with the repetition of the review :P
Since I did many of Sariayu product reviews and as I stated above, 
the main reasons why I love their products.

Now, lets jump into the looks that I created following the steps from the brochure that comes with it.

Now which one is your favorite?
I love the lipstick color for:
Enchanting Europe
Gorgeous Australia

If any of you know the name or the code for these two lipstick,
let me know please :*

other than that,
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Monday, December 2, 2013


Hello Love!
Welcome back!
*as I am typing this, Tv is on with "Titanic" and i didnt know how sad the movie is until now*

Alrighty, how are you all out there?
Have you heard of this brand before?

I honestly never heard of this brand until I went inside Beauty Box Indonesia that is located in Grand Indonesia. I love the store, so clean and exclusive. The I came across this brand, honestly, the whole package attracted me. The style, the colors, the products, i love makeup and they do have a variety of products. Here are some of the sneak peak ;)

Duo Eyeshadow IDR 275.000

Eye Pencil IDR 165.000

Mascara Volume IDR 250.000

Primer IDR 340.000
*now this is my wish list to try!*

Liquid Foundation IDR 385.000
*this one too! wish list! and my skin color is #Bright N10, just incase ;)*

Blush IDR 250.000

Pop up palette IDR 325.000
* this attracted my attention, such a cutie patootie*

Mono eyeshadow IDR 215.000

Sun powder IDR 325.000

Lip gloss IDR 215.000

Lipstick shiny IDR 220.000

All of their products comes in variety of colors to choose from, the ones that i am showing are some products that this brand carries in Jakarta, to view more items, kindly go to their store and pick you favorite items ;)

Aside from the style that is so cute and vintage, so girly and feminine, I got the opportunity to try their BB Cream *that is also in my wish list, i think i have a pretty long wish list haha* I was so happy!
Just look at the packaging, isnt it to die for? Such french vintage-y style.

Even the fonts is so sleek and parisian 
*there goes my inner designer perspective haha*
Yes the packaging itself contains information that you need to know ;)

I just have to take a close up look of the Illustration, 
I love these style of illustration.
I want to learn how to draw like this!

The product claims to be:
hydrating, evens out skin tone, correct imperfections, revives the shine, spf 15.
It contains abstract of Absinthe toning, universal color and oil free.

Here are the closer look on the information at the back,
kindly enlarge to view and read.

Now to the BB Cream, the color is indeed universal.
First, I did get a tiny shock when I saw the color, I have a pretty fair skin yet the color of this BB cream is "dark" *picture shown below*

See? the different shades of my hand and the product.

When you start to blend the color, it blends into the skin nicely 
leaving me with a natural finishing look ;)

Then I added another layer, just to test whether the color will still blend with my natural skin tone or will it make my skin tone darker?

The result is it is still blends into my natural skin color ;)

Let's test it out ;)
Here is me without any makeup.
*pictures of proof are non-edited*

I added the first layer, at this point, I do find the texture is rather thick and it takes longer to blend into the skin. Once it is blended into the skin, it looks natural. I suggest to apply this with your hands *make sure you hands are clean* because of the warmth that your hands release, it will make the product absorbs into the skin perfectly. It leaves a sheer and dewy finishing.

I also recognize a good scent coming from this product and it evens out my skin tone (redness).

This is the second layer.

It still looks natural on me ;)
If you are looking for a tinted moisturizer, this can work too!
with a better and more advantages of course.

I also realized after the second layer, although the texture and the consistency feels rather thick,
as soon as it blends into my skin, it feels lightweight. Like I feel I dont have anything on my skin. No makeup at all!

Now let's test the longevity. 
This is me getting ready to go out
*yes i was bored and I decided to take my time to get ready haha*

Me before leaving the house for a movie!

and here is me, after I reached home.
Between 5.30-11, I did touch up once.

So lets see the evaluation:
hydrating- YES!
evens out skin tone- YES!
correct imperfections- YES!
revives the shine- YES *the healthy glow finishing* !
spf 15- YES due to the spf, my skin gets oily very fast
*that is the reason why I avoid sunblock, which is not a good thing! use sunblock everyday girls!*

I think this product work with dry and oily skin.
Dry skin, it hydrates due to its texture
as for oily skin, i have proved it in this post ;)

If you want to get your hand on these gorgeous products,
kindly go to 

located at:

Kota Kasablanka Mall
Grand Indonesia Mall
Trans Studio Mall Makasar
Paris Van Java Bandung
Mall Kelapa Gading 1
Summarecon Mall Serpong 1
Kalibata city

Enjoy your shopping!
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Hello Gorgeous you ;)
Welcome welcome!!!!

Psst, do you see that tiny Christmas tree? 
Yes I am already in Christmas spirit!

Today's post is on one of my favorite mask product!
I have been eyeing this for a very long time.
Yes it is the GLAMGLOW!

*look at the exclusive bag, just loveeee it*

Here are what I received inside the box.

The small brochure,
let's see what's inside, shall we?

This product gives practical use when you are having a hectic day.
You can toss it into your handbag and take it to go with you ;)

These are designed to be ready on-the-go for busy people,
cant deny that their loyal clients are famous hollywood people,
so it is surely is good ;) and it is applicable for both men and women!

Glamglow's mud base is from South of France Mediterranean Sea, 
the home of Cannes, St. Tropez & Monaco
*One day i will be going there*

Here are the ingredients, kindly click it to enlarge and read.
All of these ingredients are natural.

Here are the section in the catalogue on where they have featured in.

They are also used at the top spas and hotels.

Here are some of the hollywood star who used them ;)
*Hello Nina!!!*

Okay, so this is the Youthmud Tinglexfoliate Treatment that gives:

1. An instant camera ready skin in 10 minutes
2. Provides gentle exfoliation
3. Helps to leave skin smoother, brighter and softer

On the packaging itself, it has some important information that you need to know
but they are still keeping with the whole "glam" concept.

Here is the product. I must say that the jar is pretty small.
But i love the design, so hollywood and glam!

Here is the mud mask,
I knew that mud mask is super good for people with oily skin, it lifts up the oil residue and deep cleanse. I also heard and saw good things about this products and you can wonder my joy and excitement when I received this.
I tried it on later at night due to the design stress.

A close up look of the mud mask, yes it does look a little bit unattractive
but remember the quality and the goods in it ;)

See how it fits into my hands ;D
It has a short information on the jar too!

This is the texture, when I try to pick it, it is a little bit hard because of the natural ingredients that are intact with their original forms. You will see what i mean later on ;)

The mask dries quick! I think this is probably the only mask that dries quick and I dont have to wait for a few minutes. I love the scent! I literally cant stop smelling this. It has this tingly sensation but it is not bad, I still can bear this sensation. It removes very easily too, all I did was splash some water onto my face and it loosen up pretty neatly, however there are a few ways of removing the mud mask ;) this is just one my way.

Let's prove the main 3 points that are stated ;)

*note: all of the pictures below are non-edited*

Here is me before, look at me being all dull :(

Then took a good shower
and applied the mask, do you see the tiny pieces on the skin?
Those are from the tea leaf.

This is on the process on drying.

This is the close up look on the tea leafs.

The close up look between the dried part and the wet one.

and here is me after!
You can see my skin is brighter, I totally can tell the difference between before and after on the spot!
No wonder this product is so well known amongst the hollywood stars ;)

So let's see....
1. An instant camera ready skin in 10 minutes - SUPER CHECK!
2. Provides gentle exfoliation- SUPER CHECK!
3. Helps to leave skin smoother, brighter and softer- SUPER DUPER CHECK!

Yeap! they have proved the points to me and now,
I am proving them to you!
With an instant results, practical and handy, a great scent and a comfortable feeling, together with a natural ingredients, this product is a must!

For Indonesian citizen or if you are living in Indonesia, 
no worries love, 
Here is the info box for you to get them ;)

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