Friday, November 15, 2013


Who here loves a good pampering session?
I think most women do, I love a good whole day of pampering from head to toe if I could.
I have been wanting to go for a good hair styling session,
but things were super hectic and i had to keep on postponing my trip.
Luckily, Oscar Blandi Indonesia invited me for a free hair styling.

I was super excited and of course I rsvp straight away!

Anyhoo, i picked Tuesday because I prefer to go on a weekday,
less crowded and easy to ask questions without any disturbance.

Long story short, I actually went to Oscar Blandi before once when I was in Plaza Senayan
but due to the distance that isn't that friendly from my house to Plaza Senayan, I didn't get a chance to go back there until Tuesday.

I love the interior, very neutral, comfortable, homey and just relaxing to be in it.
When I reached there, it was empty and straight-away, the free-styling began!

the process began with cleansing and washing the hair.
I didnt capture the picture with my cam but if you follow me on my instagram, there is a picture there :D Anyway, I love the shampoo! it has a jasmine scent and I love the scent of jasmine.
The process of washing the hair was done thoroughly and detailed. The pressure was good.

Here is me once the washing was done ;D

The first thing to do is to divide my hair into small sections to help with the drying.
Before starting, she applied a hair lift for my hair to have volume.
I have a very oily hair that it wont last a day without washing it. I know it is bad,
but if you have a very oily scalp like mine, you would understand :P

Alright so after the hair lift, she added a heat protectant spray because it is important to protect your hair from styling heat. I have been looking for a heat protectant spray but I cant find any and I am glad I got a chance to try it here. The scent reminded me of spices. 

Oh and you know the hair clips that were on my hair?
They are good because they didnt leave any marks on the hair :D

Here is the process ;)
I go for a normal hair style because I had to go back to me dad's office afterwards :P
So i dont want anything to fancy hehe

Here is what you can see around me on the table.

and on my right side when i am sitting down :D
i love the clear chair, wonder where I can get it in here.

So while waiting, here are the products that are used in my hair
if you want to purchase them.

Yeap,  i am halfway there!

Look at the curls!

and ta-da! donee ;D
Here is my hair before the Oscar Blandi Instant Glossing Cream.

and this is after, I tried to get a good picture but this is the best.
You can see the "gloss" on my hair.
It is more shiny and healthy.

Final look!
My hair literally feels light and bouncy.
I love it!

and here is the final products that were applied onto my hair ;D
Again, if you want to purchase them ;)

To keep in touch with them, kindly contact them through these social media ;)

Now, let me take you in a tour around Oscar Blandi Plaza Senayan.


Here is the front of the gallery.
Very fancy, simple and classy.
Love the style.

When you walked in, on the right side this is what you will see,
rows of their products divided and placed in category neatly.
It makes the customer easy to pick and see the products.

In the middle of the room, there was this round white table with 
a table piece of white flowers in a transparent vase.
I love it, I think this is the reason why I think the whole interior feels
homey and relaxing.

Behind the table, the cashier is placed there.

On to my left, there is a huge mirror.
The advantage of having a huge mirror is to create a big and spaced out illusion to the room.
I know because I tried it in my room haha 

When you walked further in, after the products displays,
it is the area for hair styling *where i was*.
On the left side, there was a small product display with mirror on the wall.

and this is how it looks from the corner of the right side
in the room. Neat, clean, simple and chic.
Love places like this.
Makes me feel calm.

When you walked in further, this is where I had my hair washed.
Very relaxing.

The product display in the area.

and this is the Chandelier.
This gives the touch of classy-ness in the whole place.

I know that compare from others that I have went,
this probably is the smallest one but!
Dont get me wrong,
I feel exclusive and private here. i love it!

One thing about me is that I cant stand crowded places.
If you want to find a good gallery
for a good hair styling, you know to relax your mind,
this is one place that I recommend, i love the quiet and relaxing ambience, the fact that they only have limited number of chairs for hair styling, makes it exclusive and organized.

You wont find people running and interrupting with one another, no screaming,
no hassles, I just love the place :) You can get your hair done with a good range of products together a good ambiance. You will feel refreshed afterwards! believe me :*

Thank you Oscar Blandi Indonesia!
And I received a good hair spray in the bag :*
Will do a review soon!

* I love hair sprays, that is probably my only obsession when it comes to hair products*

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Mrs. Mui said...

Gy itu kursi banyak di informa... Dapet apa aja inside the goody bag?

Mrs. Mui said...
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theresia fweegy said...

@mukti: hehe enakk kursinyaa nyaman apalg utk org pendek kyk gw haha dapett hairspray

Upakarti Kencana said...

Rambut tambah elok sis, oh yah kalau mau belanja online sudah bisa sekrang di Oscar Blandi Indonesia. Dry shampoo nya juga sangat nyaman di rambut.

Salam cheers