Thursday, November 21, 2013


Hello my fellow gorgeous!
Now, what do I have here?
*innocent look*

Another lipstick!
If you are a lipstick junkie like me, you know how satisfying it is to purchase one.
Anyhoo, remember when I received a voucher from Etude House Indonesia,
this is one of the product that I purchased, truthfully, I wanted to spend all of the voucher on lipstick.

But! I decided not to, instead I ended up buying 2 shower gels and 2 eye shadows :P
but today, I am going to review this lipstick!

When I bought this, I didn't think that I will love the color!

If you are looking for a gorgeous pink color, I do recommend this.

First, I love the packaging as always from Etude House.
They are so cute! 
Pink with the ribbon on the lipstick.
I think the "lock" on the lipstick is superb, it took me a few minutes to try to take it off.

Here is the sneak peak of the lipstick,

Now, without further ado,

- great pigmentation!  
When it comes to Korean Poroducts, I gotta be honest that I don't own a lot, although their packaging always tempted me to buy them ;) The reason why I barely own a lot of Korean product is because of the color pigmentation but this one made me take my words back because the color pigmentation is strong, bold and vibrant. This was the first thing I realized and I love.

-Last long on my lips!
I didn't expect this to be long lasting, I wore this when I went out for lunch and literally I forgot to touch up then, I realized the color was still there. I only touch up once!

- No funny scent
Most of you may know that, when it comes to scents, I am very picky and sensitive.
I don't like weird scents but this one I don't recall any odd-ness and I was perfectly fine.

- Easy to blend!
Although for some reason I feel that this is semi matte and I still can feel some moisture in it,
I have a pretty bad chapped lips but this covered all and it is so easy for me to blend. Without hurting my lips of course :P

- The perfect pink color for my skin tone
The best color for my skin tone ;) it is not bold and tacky.
It fits naturally perfectly well to the whole makeup look.

- last but not least, I think this is the DUPE for
YSL Rouge Volupte #8

If you are a follower on my social media, you will know that YSL Rouge Volupte #8 is my perfect pink, I searched for it! and honestly, this color is so close to YSL!
The picture above is the comparison between ETUDE HOUSE and YSL.
Tell me what do you think? I think they are similar.

Here is the look ;)

Happy Thursday!
Weekend is near!
Stay tuned for my upcoming bridal look ;)

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Kornelia Luciana said...

Packaging lipstiknya bener2 dehh. Cute abissss hahahaha. Warnanya juga kece ui. Cewek abissss

theresia fweegy said...

iyaaa very girly! hehee must buy!