Wednesday, November 6, 2013


I wish you all success and greatness in years to come.

Thank you so much for inviting me and my fellow Indonesia Beauty Bloggers.
First of all, I apologize for the late post in which i will explained why in this very post :*
Here is the Invitation, I love it!
All pinks and cute, I love it when an event are clear and complete with the whole rundown process and cant deny I was so excited to get the goodies! and the readers and followers have requested me to do a review on the very newly product which is the Cushion Makeup and of course a few other beauty products that I will buy from the voucher *anything for my dear followers and readers*
I rsvp straight away because I dont want to miss this exclusive event!

Alrighty, I rushed my work so that I can go to the event and on the day itself, unfortunately there was this demo going on the Bundaran HI *as usual* and me and a couple of beauty blogger, met up at Plaza Indonesia, because we didnt know the way but we are responsible to come because we have rsvp.
Little did I know that most tax drivers preferred not to drive during the demonstration, weird right? so we arrived late even when we left home at pretty early in the morning. Sometimes, this incident, we cant really predict *sigh*
When we reached there, it was super packed! I realized that we were combined with other media and I had to wait until one of the man to find me a chair *thank you! you are such a gentleman* When I arrived, the goodies were all gone, I guess, it is the first come and first serve system and i think the other media brought friends, and that is probably why the goodies are all gone but it is kinda confusing and disappointing since I rsvp but I concentrate to the whole event and when I arrived, it was a makeup competition, and one of my friend won!
Then the event continues with the talk with the representative of Etude House Indonesia and Korea :) They are all gorgeous!

Then a demo makeup using the Cushion makeup.

Last but not least, a birthday is not complete without a cake!

Oh by the way, Love the MC's hair!

And since we didnt get the goodie bag on the day,
we got the voucher after 2 weeks 
*thank you Etude House Indonesia for the responsibilities*
but I didnt get the cushion makeup
*sorry girls and boys, if you have waited for the review but i promised you i will do other reviews from Etude House Indonesia products*

Just a quick information about the Cushion Makeup
*disclaimer: I didnt try this out but according to the kit*

It is a 6in1 Multi function products for a flawless looking face. It protects the skin from UV light, it has oil control, moisturizing and brightening abilities onto the skin. You can look flawless in a quick way with this product. The price was super reasonable for a very practical and handy product, 
it is RP 218.000

"Keunggulan Any Cushion dapat disimpulkan dalam Triple A: All in One Multi-Function, All Fitting Coverage dan always present a flawless look. Sekarang, ciptakan make up dasar yang mudah cukup dengan menepuk ringan ibarat sedang berjalan kaki. Lama dikenal lewat “Make-Up Play Culture”, Etude House secara berkesinambungan mengembangkan produk terbaru untuk memenuhi kebutuhan wanita asia. Kini, Precious Mineral Any Cushion resmi hadir di Indonesia dan siap memberikan tampilan sempurna pada wajah Anda."  

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Yukimi Yau said...

Etude House has got to be my ultimate favourite!
You must have had so much fun babe!
Love your blog <3