Monday, November 4, 2013


Hello lovely readers, followers, subscribers
and of course my fellow
Indonesian Beauty Blogger!

How is your day?
Today, I want to share my experience going to the Creative Trip by Caring Colours.

I know it is late, but it is better than never, right?

Do you guys remember a blog competition held by Caring Colours Martha Tillar
for their new makeup kits that are so handy and comes in different color theme?

Well, I won as the main winner and I would like to say a huge, big, major, gigantic, enormous thank you! For Caring Colours Martha Tilaar to pick me as their major winner and just a little story,
I didnt know about the price at all because I didnt think I would win, and a few weeks back, I actually registered for the Young Caring Professional Awards but long story short, I didnt get into the finalist.

Sad and disappointed of course and later I realized I am still far from them :) so these women of YCPA are my inspiration to work hard and to be successful but of course to remember my own feminine side.

When I found out that I will be going to Singapore for the Creative Trip with the 9 winners,
I was excited! No words can describe how i felt.
I got a chance to meet powerful and smart women!

We went there for 3 days and 2 nights trip
which is good, we stayed at one of the hotels at Orchard.

The first day was horrible for me, I had to wake up super early
and I slept pretty late which means, no sleep at all for me. haha
and nope, i cant sleep in any transportation, I dont know why!

The first day we arrived in Singapore,
we went to the Merlion statue to take some pictures.
The weather was hot but it was beautiful with a gorgeous blue sky!

and then we went to the Esplanade and I was amazed
with the structure of the architectural building!

and when I was inside the hall
(picture below)
I felt like singing haha :P

Then we went to the Singapore Flyer not forgetting to pose with my "car"
* Thanks to Rika who capture this*

Oh yes we had tea time inside the flyer,
it was a mixture of yummy and scared.
* i hate heights*

For dinner, we went to Jamie's Italian!
This is super exciting!
Who doesnt know Jamie Oliver?!
I cant cook but I love him and i love watching his shows!

I didnt take a lot of pictures in Jamies, I was super hungry and tired haha :P
but if you follow me on my instagram, you would see the food!

The next day was the day that I waited the most!
We visited Google Office!
I tried to capture most of the places but there are certain parts we are not allowed to.

So google-y right?!
with the colors!

Isnt it cute that they have unique and creative name for every room?

This is me and Ka Ira
* she is the owner of D'MARCO martabak in Sabang*

and here i am with a few girls!

Google Office Kitchen that are provided in every floor!
Wanna know how the food taste like?

and they have space for pingpongs, pools and relaxation.
Now can you say you wish you work here?
I can!

Here is their sleeping room.
Yes if you are sleepy, you can sleep here!

or if you need to go to the gym,
here is the gym!

By visiting Google Office, that reminded me of my university life 
where I learned all about advertising and creativity.
I cant deny that i do miss being in a creative and advertising industry.

But it was a blast! i am so happy and thankful to have the chance to visit Google Office!
It is once in a lifetime experience that I will treasure the most.

Then at dinner we ate at a chinese cuisine restaurant,
surprise! each of us received a goodie of: cupcakes and accessories!
I love cupcake!

and again I didnt take many pictures ahha I was too hungry.

Then the last day, we learned on how to communicate with drawings.
Simple drawings. This again reminded me of my uni life, I really do miss learning
and working and surrounding myself with creative industry.
I love what I am doing, but it is slightly different.
Well everything has its ups and downs, and I have chosen this path and I am in it to be more successful!

Did you know that I love drawing? :P

Alright girls and guys,
I know I didnt have a lot of pictures in my camera
but I have some pictures on my instagram
so follow me there @museswonderland 

Last but not least,
this is the lifetime experience I will never forget and I will share it with my kids and future grandkids. I have the chance to meet fabulous and independent women *yes every single women in this trip* that made me believe I can be like them, I can achieve my dreams and the best thing, I feel that they share the similar thinking as me. This journey has a huge impact on me. I feel more positive in achieving my life goals knowing that they are my inspiration.

If any of the winners of YCPA, juries and all the representative of Caring Colours Martha Tilaar would like some of the pictures or future partnership, 
just let me know by emailing:
( if you need my whatsapp or bbm pin or line, email me then I will tell you)


belliani bebe said...

Seru banget bisa ke kantornya google^^

Dewie Aprillia said...

wahh seru banget ci!:D
congrats ya ci :D ikuta seneng dengernyaa ehehhe
btw, borong apa di sephora xixi :p

Winda said...


cheniwenci ♥ said...

ahh beruntungnya cici ^^
next time kalo ada lomba kasih tau dong ci *digaplok ci fweegi* haha XD

nurina adhalia said...

woaaaahh, congrats ce, seru banget bisa ke kantornya google :D

Melissa Olivia said...

Wow, what a wonderful journey! Congrats ya dear dan terus maju! :)

theresia fweegy said...

haiiii cemuanyaaaaa :*
thank you utk komen2nya hehehe
maaf baru liat soalnya hehehe