Saturday, October 19, 2013


Hello hello lah-dies!!

Who loves nail art?
I am getting the hang of it now :P
Let me introduce to another great and reasonable price nail art company ;)

I design the whole branding image and yes this company belongs to one of my good friend,
and no worries, I have tried the service & nail art, 

Here are some snapshot of the design
and taken by the customers themselves.

nailart glam

Sascha Nail-Art was founded by a few artists who love nail arts and honestly,
I felt left out hahaha :P but I designed the whole branding image.
*so if you need a branding image, just let me know, special price for you who reads my blog*

Alright, they are based online, unfortunately they dont have a studio because of their busy times,
but they do service to your home, which I think it is very flexible.

All of their designs are carefully designed and drawn by themselves, 
so no one will ever have the same designs.
*even the similar ones, they will have a different type of style*

You can asked for artificial nails which they will tell you the steps
or you can apply the nail art onto your real nails which you can ask them to come to your place.

As for pricing, I believe they have a reasonable price
and of course different style have different prices
but they are still reasonable.
* in other words, it is harmless to your wallet*

As you can see from these pictures,
they do variety of designs from plain to sculpture
and the best thing, you can wear the daily!

I know some nail arts are too much and made you hard to 
do your daily activity but Sascha Nail Art purposely
designed to fit and meet everyone's daily activity.

So you can work and still look gorgeous.

Oh and the best part, you can request your own design!
They will make it 99% the same.
* of course following your finger shape*

They also have a basic manicure just for the nail art prep.
Their manicure is at a very reasonable price.

If you ordered a set of nail art with them,
You will received this in you package,
2 sets of guidelines. 

Now if you are interested to buy,
kindly contact them by:

whatsapp/sms: 0821.1015.7677 
* do not call*

Dont forget to follow them on Instagram

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and another special thing for you,

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just something special for my readers and followers :*

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