Thursday, October 3, 2013


Aloha Muses!

A few weeks back, I attend DR. Jart event but sadly, I lost the pictures.
To make it up for it, I have a review on this V7 BB Cream, given to us from the events.

I have tried a lot of BB cream but.. only two brands work well on my skin.
Lets see this one shall we? ;)

The packaging, I love the designs on them.
Simple, professional and it gives this impression of a good aesthetic clinic.

It has the summary of the function that this cream will do onto your skin.

and... at the back it has all the main and important information such as:
ingredients, advantages and how-to.

Which is useful for beginner.

It has a tiny opening at the end of the packaging. The tiny opening allowing me to control the amount of BB cream that I need. With BB Cream, you only need a tiny pea size. You can always added them more if you need them to be more coverage but as for me, a tiny pea size will do :) otherwise, it will look cakey on me.

The way I apply this varies on my mood haha :P
There are times when I feel like using my finger, but there are times when I feel like using brushes.
The first thing I realized from the cream is the color, it has a grey undertone but somehow it has a beige skintone color.  I personally think it looks whiter on me but no worries!
A good correct color of powder will settled your face.

I also realized the scent, it has this slight powdery scent yet slight "medicine" kinda scent.
It is like, you are using a product from a dermatologist, good and accurate haha :P
It is easy to blend and it feels light on my face.

This is how it looks like before and after.

With one layer, it covers most of my acne and scarring.
Leaving my skin smoother.

Now, the big question!
Will it last well on my skin and have a good oil-control?

Here is me at 12pm and my daily activities are usually:
Designing in the morning until noon, buy lunch outside for my mom and brother and then off to my dad's office then home.

We all know how hot and humid it is in JKT right?

and this is me at 4pm :)
Honestly, a good 4 hours without turning into an oil company haha on my skin is good enough!
In this 4 hours, my skin looks dewy starting to get oily slightly except on the nose.

So far, I am happy and amazed that this product has a good oil control.
Long lasting and it sticks to my face even when my skin gets oily.

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Raisie Speaks said...

It has a really nice, smooth finish on your skin. Haven't tried but would want to! =)