Sunday, October 20, 2013


Hello hello gorgeous!

*phew* breathe in & out*

I have heard, seen and researched this specific brand ages ago
knowing the greatness it does to all the women out there.
Yes I saw it first with the beauty youtuber! and most of them have this product whenever they are traveling. 

So, after I attend their event in one of the cafe in JKT (click here for event report) i was super excited!
They are finally out in September in Guardian JKT and guess what...
I bought 3 bottles to stock them up!

Alright so, here is the bottle.
Clean yet feminine. With the transparent bottle and a pink cap.

On the packaging, it has the label with the name. They are using the micellaire solution
and this product is perfect for sensitive skin. I guess I could say that this is a water based cleanser. It is also work as a makeup remover but I personally prefer them to be just a cleanser not a makeup remover.

At the back it has more information, and most of them in French.

But they have it in indonesian :D

This is the cap :) I think the size of the opening is suitable where it allows me to pour two times to the cotton and thats all I need :) 

When I tried this for the first time, I didnt smell anything
but being me with a high curiosity, I tried to smell the scent.
There is a super tiny slightly a little bit scent but I cant describe it haha
Well, it is not like you are going to smell it in close right?

The feeling of this product is like water, I didnt feel any burning sensation, tight feeling or anything uncomfortable. It literally feels like you pour some water onto the cotton pad and cleanse your face.
But of course, this one here is not just water :) It has a lot of function to the skin and one of them to cleanse the skin.

To prove the main reason why I stock them up *which is the ease in cleansing and how it picks up most of the dirt in one wipe* I have some pictures below * I was thinking of making a video, do you guys want me to do it in a video so you guys can see it better?*

All of these in the picture are done in ONE/1 wipe.

Here is me with my makeup full
*I am using makeup to prove how great the product in cleansing and removing dirt in this case is my makeup *

Pour *squeeze slightly* 2 times onto the pad.

And I am cleansing one of my eye makeup.
You can see that with one wipe, most of the makeup are lifted onto the pad.

and here is for the eyeliner :P

Now you know why I have been loving and using this product right?
If you are like me, love things to be quick and practical yet good, I do recommend this product.

Have you tried this?
I hope it works well on you how it works well on me ;)

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