Sunday, October 20, 2013


Okay, since i post my top picks for blusher in peachy tone,
it wont be me without any lipstick right?
i am a massive lipstick lover :P

I honestly, had some tough time to find these perfect peachy tone lipsticks for me :P

and again, all of these you can find them here at your local mall, or online :)
i know some online shop that sells them:
Jopankar Kosmetik (fb)
Mirielle Beaute (fb)

so here are the lipsticks that i love!

if you have chapped and dry lips like i do, this one particular product here
might be useful, it is super moisturizing on your lips :D and what is so great about it?

it has a good pigmentation for "colored lip balm" category :D

i know my lips look horrible with matte lipstick *unless i applied some moisturizer underneath*
but this one right here, I love the soft natural peach color when it applied onto my lips.

the texture is actually dry well hence the name matte so if you have a gorgeous smooth looking lips, this product might look sexy on your lips.

I bought this just for fun, didnt expect i will actually love it!
There are times when i feel like going soft and natural on my lip colors,
this is the kind of product i would go for :)

Moisturizing, good color pigmentation, soft texture
and the best thing: it gives out a natural soft peach color on your lips ;)

Yes, i didnt get enough of the previous one so i went back *also they were having sales* and purchased another one :D this one, i was going to go for a stronger color of peach.
Since the texture and pigmentation is soft, i think this is the perfect color to go if I still want to have a peach coral color lips but not too bright or bold :D

i guess this color can give a " Soft and Bold" color.

I seriously have no idea why the name is gorgeous pink on the label,
literally it is peachy to the orangey-coral tone. The reason why i love this,
it has a reasonable probably low price, great pigmentation and it is made in Indonesia :D

this is perfect if you are in a tight budget but looking for a moisturizing, good pigmentation and soft peach color lipstick :)
Those are the main reason why i love this product right here!

now, since i know the title for this post is for lipstick,
I cant not insert some of my favorite lipglosses inside :)

Here are the swatches and all of them are moisturizing and they have a great scent.
I usually apply some lip moisturizer (vaseline petroleum jelly) before i apply them to avoid some stickiness feeling.

I love to be able to share some of my favorite products with you!
what are your favorite peachy tone lipstick?
let me know :*

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