Wednesday, October 9, 2013


hello hello!
Welcome to my halloween makeup series look ;)
Todays look is a scary clown!

But first, I apologize if I dont look "finish" as I cant get any clown wig.
I hope you still can recreate from this tutorial ;)

oh and this is inspired from
Klairedelysart :*

Lets begin!

Use a lip liner and create "crack" on the nose down the lips towards the chin.

Use a white foundation, apply it all over the face.

Take a lip brush, brushed it over the lip liner,

Then in a motion of "left to right" blend the "crack" and around the lips to give
a bloody dried effects.

Use a black eyeshadow, creates lines all over your face.

Keep on applying and blending.

Keep on adding the black color and blend them until you are satisfy.

With your fingers, apply a red blush or eyeshadow on your cheeks *apple part*
and make sure it is rather messy.

With an eyeliner, create a small line on some of the facial line.

Using a flat brush, blend them.

Add a black eyeshadow and dab it onto the inner of your lips.

Use the lip liner again, and stretch the mouth line towards the cheeks on both sides.

Use the same lip brush and blend them messy.

Dont forget to add that black eyeshadow to give a 3D effects ;)

Add some clown wig and you are done!

let me know what other look I should do next!

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Cristine Douglas said...

This is just so creepy! I love it and i really love to have something like this on this coming halloween. Nice scary makeup! I'd love to include this in my list of halloween makeup ideas. Thanks for sharing!

meutia nuraini said...

Wow, that awesome makeup, looks scary for halloween, nice idea dear :)