Monday, October 21, 2013


Hello to you all gorgeous beauty blogger in Indonesia or Overseas!
Let me start your Monday with another Halloween simple look.
*when I say simple it means, you can get the materials around your house*

I know I dont have the steps by steps because...
I forgot! :P and I was so busy and into this makeup effect look.

This is my first time working and making prosthetic makeup,
So apologize if it is not perfecto.

Somehow this reminds me of my love for painting.

Anyway, enjoy the pictures!
If you want me to do a video on how to get this effect, let me know in the comment!

Oh, another thing you need is
patience haha :P

I look happy here :P with the blood and the wound.

But honestly, i am the worst when it comes to pain :P

Alrighty beauties!
See you soon with my next halloween series!

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sonia salim said...

keren ci!!~~

sonia salim said...

kaya beneran luka*^*

Winda said...


iva asih said...


Melissa Widjaja said...

keren keren keren!! asli bikin lukanya keren deh

new follower hope you follow me too
New post is up..!!

| miss rhea | said...

keren ce!!! <3

Monica Agustami Kristy said...

Waaaaah.. kulitnya beneran kayak nglothok gitu >.<
Itu pakai apa ya? :D

theresia fweegy said...

wahhh aku baru baca komen2nya haha makasihhh :*
ini aku pake latex tmnku punya, aku lagi cari cara lain sih, setau aku pake tepung juga bisa hehe kalao darah dan warna2nya itu aku pake face paint kok, darahnya di bikin aja honey+air+ pewarna merah ehhehe

good luck x