Thursday, October 31, 2013


The final look for Halloween!


let me know your costumes on the comment box below!

I will be at home as usual, nothing fancy or interesting on halloween especially
when it is on a weekday :(

I seriously have failed this look i think haha
 I wanted to look more like the main character in The exorcist
but, it turned out.. differently.

Anyway, I still hope you enjoy the look ;) 
Very easy to do, but you need the proper costume like
the wig, the contact lens and the attire.

I got this inspired by PINKSTYLIST
thank you to IVA ASIH ERA CHRYSTA who recommended this!

Let me know if you want me to do in a video on how to get this sexy look :*
Oh! for the eyes, they are not contact lenses, i just edited them.
I am too scared to put contact lenses hehe

By the way, do i look possessed?
*ya amit2 ya jangan sampe haha*

alrighty girls!
It was great doing a few series of halloween!
Especially this year was my first time doing special effects
and the best thing, I got a chance to be creative by using home products.

Let me know if any of you are up for a future collab :P
and let the Christmas countdown begin!
* i am very excited whenever it is closer to Christmas*

and, i promise more review next month :*

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Liza Chan said...

hello girls, berbelanja di yuk, akan ada program pensponsoran setelah kami mencapai 200 likes.. Harga-harga yang kami tawarkan juga sangat murah loh.. ^~^

Katarina Yuri said...

The look is awesome! Bisa aja edit matanya, kupikir itu soflen yg dipakai di film2 horror gtu :3 btw, kostumnya pakai blazer n t-shirt putih ya? XD

Anonymous said...

OMG you look insanely scary! I love the bottom photo with the little girl smile, it's even creepier hahaa!