Saturday, October 5, 2013


Welcome my dear to another vintage halloween look :P
I love vintage. This style has a soft spot in my heart.

So, i know i created this look before but this time,
I am going all the way with the failed hairstyle :P

I never... do any hair styling before... so this is a first for me.

This was inspired by the Great Gatsby movie.
I love the costume, the makeup, the setting, and the story!

So i decided to recreate this look, easy one of course :P
With the gorgeous classy pearl, dark colored lipstick, curly vintage hairstyle, dark eyeshadow, shaped eyebrows, you name it! I love them.

Hope this inspire you for this halloween!

Oh and if any of you want me to do this on a video let me know ;)
more pictures are coming because  I am practicing until my skill is semi perfecto! 
Stay tuned!

and i am open for any collab ;) let me know through email:

or my social media.

and do you want to see.... a pretty look next? or the gory one? :P

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