Tuesday, October 22, 2013


October 22nd, 2013

Venue: The Body Shop Store,
Senayan City

Hello to you my lovely readers, followers and beauty bloggers.
I hope your day is well and great, if not, well let me cheer you up!

At this very moment, 
there are several gorgeous beauty bloggers with me in The Body Shop (TBS) store.

picture courtesy of Sonia Eryka at:

Why are we here? 
We are invited to try their new collection that is called The Color Crush.
There were several competition such as: makeup, live tweet, live blogging and video testimonial.
We came with our guests but we had to be separated. The guests will be at the atrium.

Before I begin, I am proud of The Body Shop for the 100% cruelty free principle.
I seriously think a good punishment for these people who do cruelty to animal is needed!

Anyway, lets move on to the event :*

I am very sure you all know about The Body Shop.
click here for their website in Indonesia.
I love their products! Especially the body mist and fragrances.
Of course, I love their makeup collection especially lipstick haha :P
I love how they use natural and finest ingredients in their products therefore i feel safe.

The Body Shop had recently launched their new collection, THE COLOUR CRUSH.
The color crush collections are all about the colours: striking neutrals, chic nudes, rich browns, fierce pink, powerful purples, brilliant blues, gorgeous green, they are also 100% cruelty free, vegetarian and high impact. Why is the name "colour crush"? We all know that they eyes and the lips are the main focus when applying colors in makeup look, this range gives the flexibility and the choices for women in the world to pick colors from bright to neutral to be worn day or night to enhance the eyes and the lips.

The process in creating these gorgeous pigmented and high-quality products isn't easy, traveling around the world to get and search for the finest quality and hard-to-get pigments, cautiously filtered and strained up until three times, crushed to the finest particles, mixed and blend with the Community Fair Trade oil to produce unbeaten-able products.

Natural pigments with a maximum result!

The color crush lipstick:

"I Already did! from the first moment I saw them"

We all know how much I love my lipstick haha so I didnt waste a second to try out most of the colors. 
The color shades come in 24 different colors and they are divided into fairest nudes, sweetest pinks and brightest reds. The colours of each of them are vibrant and gorgeous!

 The texture is smooth and it is moisturizing. They are easily blend-able and easily applied due to the ingredients that consisted of Community Fair Trade marula oil from Namibia and cherry seed together mixed with crushed pigments. Compare to their previous range of lipstick, I love this current ones. The pigmentation is great and they give a maximum colour impact on the lips.  Some of the products have a rather matte finish but it moisturizes my lips due to the finest ingredients they use that they found around the world. They are 100% vegetarian and cruelty free. Glides easily and it last long, and probably the reason why I said it is long lasting is it leaves the color stain. The scent has a rose-y kinda smell and i love anything roses :P *yes i am a romantic at heart*

The packaging themselves are different compare to the other range, I feel that this one is much more bubbly and fun and energetic! Trendy and amazing. With the colour choices, it allows every women in this world with different styles and background look amazingly fabulous every single day and night with this range!  

The color crush eyeshadow:

The eyeshadow comes in ones or mono and they have 30 shades of different colors. BE CREATIVE! with this new range of collection! This range is made from crushed pigments from Italy (the capital city of fashion) that are high quality and layered with Community Fair Trade maruala, coconut, sesame and brazil nut oil completed with Vitamin E for moisturizing and anti-oxidant, this is the reason why the colors are vibrant and bright!

The color ranging from elegant and wearable neutral colors to bright and bold colors and from pearly to matte colors that fits to every women's mood of the day *now lets get real, i do have my moody days*.  You girls know how I feel comfortable with my neutral tones of eyeshadows right? Now i am brave enough to try the striking colors such as "something blue", "pearly peacock", "blueberry night" or "moonlight kiss".

The quality is easily blend able and you can layer it to achieve your own liking of the vibrancy. You can wear them wet or dry and you can wear them alone of mixing with other colors to get the colors that you want.  They are also long lasting. So I think these shades will give you hundreds and thousands of different shades that you can wear for daytime chic or glamourous night events.
I love the packaging that has a sleek design and a clear view, allowing me to see the color well and this range has it! the best thing about the packaging? They are recycled material, lets go green!
The color pigmentation is medium-high where you can layer it up. They are easily blend and the texture is velvety (gives a good pigmentation)


The price is IDR 109.000
which I think is worth every single cents and pennies you spend!

I have my own tips and tricks for you girls out there ;)

The best thing with these two categories of makeup is not only you can wear them as eyeshadow and lipstick but you can be creative and use them for shading, highlight, blush/cream blush and shaping your eyebrow ;) and it is very practical and you can come up with a whole complete look with only the range for eyeshadow and lipstick *you just need the foundation and powder ;)*

And last but not least, Indonesian women have different colors of skin tones,
the color crush collection has so many variety of color that will suits well with different color skin tones. It is all about mix and match with colors ;)

So, just go to the nearest The Body Shop store,
You will find your perfect color crush!

These are some snapshots of the shop while we do our makeup:

and here is me, doing my makeup while being multi function:
blogger, makeup and photos!

and here are the colors i have chosen for the eyes!

and the lips.

And this is the look!

This is me!
Sorry if you have to tilt your head to see.

This is to proof that the lipstick is long lasting ;)
I tried to remove it but it leaves such a gorgeous stain.



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