Saturday, September 14, 2013


hello my sprinkles of rainbow :*
*does rainbow has sprinkles?*

Today, i would like to do a review on my holy grail concealer.
Well, this is my favorite concealer compare to others.
The main reason why is basically it has a good coverage.

I purchase this in the shop itself and it was 35% off :D
So far, Tony Moly has been my favorite Korean brand.
Probably the only one.

Not only they have cute designs but their quality is good.

It comes in a small jar like this
and the shade, i have no idea haha
i ripped the label off :/

but i always buy the lightest shade and the price wasnt that expensive either
I believe it was below RP 70.000

Well the packaging is, normal, nothing interesting about it.

but... the magic happens when you use the concealer.
The picture below is taken with only one swipe, no wait,
not even a swipe, i just dip my finger in it and that is what i get :D

The texture is creamy and maybe because of the texture being creamy,
it has a good and high pigmentation hence the great coverage.

There is not any odd scent that i recall :)

so let me prove it to you!
Look at my "sexy" blemishes
*mother nature has its own way of playing*

then i just dotted some concealer onto the blemishes

then i blend in..
it covers 90% of them ;D

now you know why this is my favorite, my holy grail, concealer?
what are yours?
let me know x
might want to try them out.


Sakuranko said...

Wow looks like a ncie concealer, many thanks for your review!
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Sekar Saraswati said...

Oh my great coverage!!
Should've try that one.


jessica ie said...

Does it blends nicely and match darker skin tone?
And what about for dark circle under eye? Thanks ^^

theresia fweegy said...

thank you girls :)
@jessica:for a darker skintone, im not too sure as this is the lightest color :P and it is easy to blend. for the dark circle, i never try it there but im pretty sure it will cover it nicely ;D

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Debby Siswanto said...

Concealernya set fine lines ga ? uda coba macem-macem merek tapi selalu cracking. T_T

anisa tri said...

beli dimana sis?