Wednesday, September 25, 2013



I was meant to post the Ponds Events but accidentally delete it.

In order to exchange that lost post, I have a review!

I cant believe I said this but I love this product!

Ponds held an event for us lovely beauty bloggers and they were promoting and introducing their new product that soon to be launched in Indonesia. Oh! I didnt get the cleansing facial wipes :(
I really want to try that but oh well! I gotta wait until they are out in the market here.

I have a bit of experience trying out ponds products. It didnt work well on me, it left me with a tight feeling on my skin after having my face washed with one of the facial foam product. Then I ran out of my facial foam at home, so I decided to give this product a try thinking "just gonna use it once then tomorrow im buying my usual cleansing foam" but you know what?!


Let me start with the packaging. The packaging is similar with the rest of their products but, the designs  are different and with this one, I will say it is more clean cut.

The whole function for this product is to prevent acne.

At the back of the packaging, it has a brief information on the ingredients and what they do on the skin.

The opening of the cap is slightly big so I have to be careful in squeezing them.

Here is the foam, it contains this super gentle *when i say gentle, i mean soft like a feather* scrub.
I know that scrubbing is somehow bad for the skin but I personally love a facial foam with a scrub in it, it gets rid of the dead skin cell and the best thing about this foam, it has the tiniest gentle-st scrub ever and I feel it is super safe for my skin :) 

and, for my fear of that 'tight" feeling after washing, is gone!
I was so happy after washing because I feel that my skin feels fresh and clean!
There isnt any tight feeling at all!

And here is the sneak peek haha of me while and after washing my face.

This product just did it for me :)
Gonna give it a good thumbs up!!!

have you tried this before?

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Sylvia Pratama said...

Nice review siss ^^ itu ponds nya yang dari acne series bukan ya? Mukaku lg jerawatan soalnya :( recommend buat jerawat ga ya?