Saturday, September 21, 2013


Hello there Love!

Hows your day? 
I am actually waiting for an email from a client to finish up a logo but while waiting, I decided to make a post on my current and one of my practical-favorite palette.

Yes, yes! It is from Lorac and it is the:

Lorac Pro To-Go palette.

I believe there were two palettes, I think I watched it through Emily's youtube channel but I decided to get this one right here instead of the other one.

You all know how i love things that are practical right?
This palette does it for me. It has a medium size and it is easy for me to hold.
The packaging design itself is smart where it folds into a smaller box that fits into the bag.

I love the design on the packaging, it is super simple and chic!
White-silver ish with black.
Nothing screams classy and chic than that.

This is how it looks like open :)
It has a magnet that secure the box together when folded.

And this is how it looks like all unfolded and open :)

The reason why I pick this one is because it has the function of: 

shading, highlight, blusher, eyeshadow, eyeliner and eyebrow

Which pretty much all i need when I travel really except that I have to bring my own:
foundation, powder and lipstick :) and some brushes of course!

The box came with brushes:
a flat stiff brush (eyeshadow, shading and eyeliner)
a blending brush (blending and highlighting)

Here are the swatches:
for the eyeshadows, they are super pigmented so a tiny bit goes a long way and whenever you are applying this, dont forget to tab your brush to remove the excess powder. It is easy to blend and it stays long on my eyelids (now we all know my eyelids are very oily right? with the help of primer sometimes certain eyeshadow doesnt last long but this one does! )

The color within this palette are chosen by Carol ( owner of Lorac ) that are very useful for day and night look :) I guess this palette is a two in one goodness.

The blusher & shading swatches:
Again, these has the same quality as the eyeshadow, super pigmented and easy to blend.
It stays long on my face too considering I have a very oily skin.
I love how these gave such natural blush!

It has the color of:
pink, peach (blusher) & brown (shading)
Again, this is a perfect combo color for my skintone, I tend to bring blusher exactly in these two colors!
Pink & Peach are the basic colors that I bring whenever I travel. The Brown shade, is also perfect for my skintone :) it gives that perfect and right shading color on me without making me looking cakey.

Here is me with the blusher, shading and eyeshadow of course not forgetting the highlight!

Now, if you want to see the greatness of this product,
kindly watch the video :) 

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Neni Diyanti said...

keren giiii!!!!
coba kalo eyeshadow dia warnanya champagne dan satin finish / agak shimmering, bakalan lgsg msk wishlist. hahahaha

drop me a helloćƒ¾(^∇^)

Dewie Aprillia said...

ciii..ini cantikk banget palette nya..warna blush nya 3 in 1 lumayan banget nih..
cici cantikk selalu <3 <3

Sylvia Pratama said...

Sis kamu beli dimana? :) aku lg nyari olshop yg recommended nih... mungkin ada?