Thursday, September 12, 2013


Last week, I attended an event by Estee Lauder. They are releasing their new foundation and powder :)
Long story short, a bunch of my beauty blogger friend were there, so it was super excited!

I volunteer to be the model on the event, just because I love it when people put make up on me :P
It soothes and relaxes me.

The event was held at Mall Taman Anggrek and there were two hosts who carried the event
and the MUA from Malaysia :)

I love how the event was helpful if you are learning on how to be a makeup artist.
Joyce (the MUA) taught us some tips and tricks in makeup and she also guided us
from the beginning until the end, the steps in skincare up until the makeup finishing.

Just a quick tip, before starting to apply makeup on others,
it is best to cleanse the skin first with a cleansing milk and a toner.
Dont forget to apply some moisturizer and serum on the skin.

In the middle of skin cleansing, Joyce told us that
Estee Lauder has a foundation color chart, so if you are unsure in picking the best shade for you,
no worries! this will help.

My face is all cleaned and now ready for the makeup!

Here she is applying the double matte foundation, and I happened to have this foundation too.
To apply the foundation, use a foundation brush and apply it downwards following the direction of the facial hair.

This is another trick from her, to apply a concealer,
added some serum and mixed them together :)

So you will get a healthy coverage.

and.. to apply powder, simply take the powder brush,
dab it onto the powder and do a "rolling" motion on the face.

To shade/contouring, apply a darker shade of powder and
find your cheek bones, apply it onto the hollow space and do a straight motion.

So, I love this blush!
any of you want to get them for me?

In choosing eyeshadow, Estee Lauder also has
this color chart for them! 

Now, to create an eyeshadow base,

use a black eyeliner pencil, "color" it onto your hand and mixed it with concealer.

funny face! funny face! haha
I found it hard to hold my tears whenever someone applied eyeliner on my waterline.

and voila! All done!
I never wear any bright color out but it looks good :P

And.. here is another wishlist! :P

Next she applied the new foundation to one of the customer.
The new foundation *in my own opinion* will work well if you have a flawless skin.
Or if you are looking for a great natural light weight foundation that you can wear daily,
this new foundation is perfecto for you!

and here are some snapshots, surrounding the event!

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