Wednesday, August 28, 2013

REVIEW: PIXY LIPSTICKS #404 #514 #315 #218 #302 #203 #219

Aloha my banana cake-pops!
I think i have this craving for banana cake haha

Alright! how are you girls and boys out there!?
Today, i have this special post on one of the local brand 
which happens to be my favorite product.

Lipsticks. yes.

I dont look good with pale and soft colors 
but i found my favorite soft and pale lipstick colors
that suit well on my complexion in this brand and product.

I did do a review on them on my blog so kindly click here.
This post will be more onto the showing the swatches and colors
but i will talk briefly the quality and the reason why i love them. 

Alright, so here I owned a few of their lipsticks
and the quality of these are the bomb! ahah well they are good
in my own opinion, they are moisturizing, texture is soft and creamy,
the color pigmentation however, isnt that strong compare to the lipstick themselves
but! you can always layer it up.

The main reason behind why i love these products so much is the color pigmentation.
It isnt that strong but it still gives out this soft and feminine color that I personally think it looks super natural on me.

As you can see from this picture, each of the product has this gorgeous visible colors.

and when i swatched them, the color pigmentation is medium.
But i love it like this. 

and here are the pictures of me wearing each one of them.
*ignore my failed hair bun :P *

I personally think with the price i paid + quality these products have,
I did get my money worth, especially when it is super hard for me to find the right shade of pale lipstick. So if you are looking for an affordable and medium pigmentation or maybe you are a beginner in makeup and would like to experiment with makeup but not brave enough to go bold, I do recommend this specific products.

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judith ayes said...

warnanya oke oke kak, aku jadi pengen cobain juga nih hihi nice review kakak, main2 juga ya kak ke

tyas said...

I have peach punch too... and I love it haha,, kayaknya misaki bagus ya warnanya

theresia fweegy said...

@judith: thank you :)
@tyas: iya semua bagus2 hahhaa

Ica Elriyashi said...

misaki sama rossy pinknya bajuuussss warna nya >.<

Sis Wulandarie Pratiwi said...

warnanya bagus2 ya..
oiya kak mau nanya nih, lipstcik nya bikin bibir kering gak ya?
soalnya aku punya bibir yg kering dan lagi bingung pilah pilih lipstick hehe
makasi kak :)

theresia fweegy said...

@wulandari: hello hihi sorry aku baru balas :P ini cukup moisturizing sih ke aku tapi aku tkt hasilnya ke setiap orang beda2, di pakein lipbalm dulu aja sebelum pakai lipstick

ditaditz said...

aku naksir yang peach pundh dan misaki mba...kayaknya harus segera hunting..