Saturday, August 10, 2013


Good Day to you my Chocolate Chip Muffins!
I am back with a new review on another lip products ;D
*throw balloons*

I seriously think I have this addiction for lipstick/gloss/tint/lacquer/etc
you name it.
I think a whole look is not finish without a lip color.

And I must tell you that I have been loving this korean brand 3CE from Style Nanda
*correct me if im wrong*

I purchased these two lip lacquer in #super coral & #bon bon
and #hawaian pink & #disco are on my list next 
hahaha *evil laugh*

Alrighty then, the packaging is simple, normal and handy.
I love the design and the layout actually.
It isnt girly cute but it is edgy cute.
Does that make sense?

Alright now, lets talk about the quality!
and the reason why i love this so much.

When it comes to lip products, i probably am the odd one, most people wanted their products to last long on the lips, but i dont. I love to apply different colors and I prefer products that are:
1. Doesnt stay and leave color patches on my lipst
2. Easy to remove

I love the texture of this product. At first when you apply it, it is thick and creamy but not sleek-y.
It is more like a cream base and when it is applied to the lips, it dries out. Due to the creamy texture, it glides on easily on my lips and the thickness in it actually covered up my chapped lips.

I love the color pigmentation, I literally just have to dip my wand in it ONCE and applied to to my whole lips. 

This is the swatches.


and... this is how it looks on my lips!
sowwie, bad lighting.

The super coral, tends to be in a pink-ier shade rather than coraly-orange.

Bon-bon is more to the nude orange soft color when it applied onto the lips.

have you tried this product before?
let me know what you think!


Yuanita R Pratami said...

Akkkkhh, super duper love the color <3 nice post ci~! Bikin ngiler... :D~

Sakuranko said...

Oh really cute colors dear really sweet. I really want try this brand.

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Winda said...

super coralnya cakep bangets :p

Leonita Nerisa said...

I want the coral haha, keliatan ga ya kalo di gw .lol

Love, Leonita

theresia fweegy said...

super coralnya mank bagus haha ayo semua di beli
@lele: bisa tapi pake lip concealer dulu. baru warnanya keluar ;D

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SASYACHI said...

Gyyyy, pas makeover bawa ini dong XD mau cicip2 warnaaaa hahah mau beli super coralll tp galau sama bon bon XD