Saturday, August 3, 2013


Happy Saturday all!

Long holiday ahead eh? well i do hope you enjoy your holiday with your loved ones
and if you are celebrating Eid, well happy holiday too and apologize if i had said anything wrong.

To begin with, let me clarify you that, I am NO MAKEUP ARTIST.
I love makeup, I can apply them but I dont have a special super technique
like other great makeup artists do. However, I do apply them to my close family and friends if they need any makeup done for any occasions. 

I dont know whats inside a professional makeup artist kit, yes i searched them and i get more confused ahaha and i thought, well i dont need that many of products :P

So i decided to write this post hoping this post will be useful
if you want to start your own profession as a makeup artist but you are a beginner and I know how we tend to think of budget *well at least i do, budget and what if it doesnt work out, you know the fear* so to avoid any disheartened or disappointment, I decided to pick some of our local products and they happened to be my faves too!

Our local products are great! Low at cost & good quality.
I think those are a good combo for starting a business.

So lets begin!


There are alot of local brand products for this category but since we in a budget *lets assume*
I picked Sariayu foundation & Pixy setting powder
I love foundation from Makeover actually but if you are in a super tight budget, go for Sariayu :)
If the foundation came out sheer, layer them up. I do love this foundation, they are lightweight and I remember it went well for a whole day on my face. As for the powder, it helps with settling the foundation. 

Since we are all born with different tone of skin, it is always best to have 3 different shade of colors:

and you can always mix them up to get the right color.
If your budget is slightly flexible, i suggest get these 3 different tones in 2 different undertones:
cool & warm.


I can never suggest any other concealer from our local product other than this

why palette? well you never know what you will face so having different usage in one palette is always good and handy! i love the coverage this product has. 
The best thing about this product, at the back of the palette, it has the function of each color, 
so it is super informative for a beginner.


Everyone needs shading or contouring. The face always look great and shaped and structured after this technique. What I have here is a shading kit that I purchased from PM Beauty School. There were two shades of kit and i want to get the darker shade now. I forgot how much this cost but another good price for shading kit is the LT PRO shade & tint kit in #1 (the darkest shade).


Eyebrow is important as they shaped our face and the only good eyebrow pencil that i had tried is from VIVA :P i am pretty sure this isnt a secret to you beauty lovers out there. They are so easy to use, long lasting and low cost! Eyeliner, just to be safe, always have liquid & pencil, gel is not a must but you can always keep on handy with you. I love viva eyeliner, super pigmented and easy to glide. Bless liquid eyeliner is just long lasting! 

An eye-base or primer is useful especially for those who has oily eyelids like me. To avoid creasing and to make sure everything stays, this particular eyebase if the bomb-diggity ;D
I found this from a friend of mine. However, it is slightly sticky so gotta be careful in applying it.

And mascara, yes i have forgotten to capture it :P
QL has a good range of it.

This probably wont be cheap but trust me, this will get your money worth it!
Feel free to purchase other brand of eyeshadow palette but this here is my favorite one.
Why palette? one, it is easier for you to carry, and second, it has variety of colors in one place.

This palette is from Sariayu and i love their products!
high pigmentation, long lasting and vibrant velvety color and texture.


I love this palette of blushes from MakeOver. Not only it has variety of different shades
but it has this shade that is perfect for shading for fair skin. I even bought one for me.

So this palette has that extra bonus point for having a color that is useful as shading.


Now we all know i love lipstick haha i buy palette if i need to apply makeup on others.
It is easier and i have 3 main palettes in reds, pinks and orange.
I purchased an extra palette just because i love the pink shades.

It is always easier for you to have these three tones to match with every client's skin tone :)

so those are my tips.
i hope it is helpful.
let me know your tips and tricks as a makeup artist too!



Sakuranko said...

Oh this is really helpful sweetie thanks foryour tips!

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felizenailart said...

eye base nya akhirnya masuk list ya...? hahahaha
mantep kan...

itu pensil alis juga ya... wakaka...
ga skalian eye shadow "badut" nya..?

nurina adhalia said...

waaahh, terima kasih infonya :D sangat berguna

theresia fweegy said...

im glad it helps :) have fun girls!