Saturday, August 31, 2013


Hello hello hello ;D
I am back on a Saturday with a new post!

I realized I spoke a lot of makeup but never the brushes!
So let me use this time to make a short and personal post on makeup brushes essentials that are a must for me. These are just plain my own personal choice in all aspects, I personally love and think these brushes work well on me :) and I hope they work well on you too.

Or if you are confused on what to buy for makeup brushes (the essentials)
I hope this post helps! :*

Alright! So before I start, I am not saying you have to buy this items individually. There are shops where they sell brush in a set and probably easier for beginner to buy a set :) I personally choose and pick brushes that are useful and I will use in daily makeup.

AND! no i am not teaching you that this is the right brushes but i am sharing with you my own opinions, thoughts and tips.

Most of the brushes, well all of them are from Masami Shouko
(no this isnt a sponsored post, I just happen to love them)

Here is the list of the brushes must-haves for me:

Before I start with the usage and how I use each of these brushes, 
I just want to briefly explain why I love Masami Shouko's brushes.
I love the density of the brushes, I felt with the volume and the density, it blends all the makeup into places and evenly. I love the shape and the size that ease me to have control when I apply makeup.
I love how they have variety of choices. 

Alright, the first step I always do is foundation.
Some people apply eyeshadow first but hey this is how i do my makeup hahah
There are a few brushes available in Masami's collection but I pick this common ones.
This is used for cream foundation mostly but liquid will do too it is just that, with liquid,
it will leave brush strikes on the face, but no worries, just keep on blending!

Patience is the key! haha

Next, for an oily skin like me, I need to settle my face with powder.
It could be compact or loose powder. Some people used the sponge that comes with it but I prefer to use brush, I feel that using brush it doesnt give a thick and cake-y finishing on the face.

Unless you are up for a photoshoot or something then the sponge will be good to use.
I love using powder brush because it spread the powder evenly and it gives a natural finishing for my daily basis makeup look.

Then, for a round face well for all face shape, I personally think shading or contouring is a must to give more structure to the face. This angled brush is super handy for it. The size and shape fits well for my face when i contour and with the texture of the brushes, it blends in nicely without any harsh and pricky feeling. This brush can be use for blusher brush too just remember to clean the brush after shading/contouring. So i guess a multi function one ;D

And next, Concealer brush, Well I used this for concealer but this is useful for any other cream makeup product because of the shape, the material and the density of it. It blends my concealer perfectly well even when I use this to blend away the concealer or highlight cream for my makeup.

When it comes to applying eyeshadow, there are variety of applicator for it.
I personally pick this brush. I love it!

Why? Look at the thickness, shape and the density of the brushes.
I use this for powder eyeshadow or loose ones, it picks up well and apply nicely.
The best thing about this, the shape of the brush that is "almond" like so when you apply it onto your eyes, it helps to give the almond shape onto the eyelids.

I love how it easily picks up the eyeshadow and when I pat it onto the lids,
the colors are still there, vibrantly settled well onto the lids!

Up next is the blending brush!
you can leave that almond shaped of eyeshadow on the lids alone,
you gotta blend them to make it look natural ;D

I love this blending brush, the shape fits well onto the crease of my eyes,
it feels super comfortable when I blend my eyeshadow and the best thing,
it blends the eyeshadow well! The brushes strand are flexible so it follows the direction of your hand.

I use this brush for my eyebrow although i believe you can use this for eyeliner both gel or pencil or perhaps eyeshadow. As you all know I have to shape my eyebrow whenever I go out, or if i dont, I probably will get weird stares from strangers haha

I love the stiffness of the brush strands, it helps with the shaping of the eyebrow well without having me to measure the straight-ness of the line haha :P

and that is all for my brushes must haves!
What are yours? let me know in the comment box below, might try them out haha
*cheers to shopping for beauty*

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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

REVIEW: PIXY LIPSTICKS #404 #514 #315 #218 #302 #203 #219

Aloha my banana cake-pops!
I think i have this craving for banana cake haha

Alright! how are you girls and boys out there!?
Today, i have this special post on one of the local brand 
which happens to be my favorite product.

Lipsticks. yes.

I dont look good with pale and soft colors 
but i found my favorite soft and pale lipstick colors
that suit well on my complexion in this brand and product.

I did do a review on them on my blog so kindly click here.
This post will be more onto the showing the swatches and colors
but i will talk briefly the quality and the reason why i love them. 

Alright, so here I owned a few of their lipsticks
and the quality of these are the bomb! ahah well they are good
in my own opinion, they are moisturizing, texture is soft and creamy,
the color pigmentation however, isnt that strong compare to the lipstick themselves
but! you can always layer it up.

The main reason behind why i love these products so much is the color pigmentation.
It isnt that strong but it still gives out this soft and feminine color that I personally think it looks super natural on me.

As you can see from this picture, each of the product has this gorgeous visible colors.

and when i swatched them, the color pigmentation is medium.
But i love it like this. 

and here are the pictures of me wearing each one of them.
*ignore my failed hair bun :P *

I personally think with the price i paid + quality these products have,
I did get my money worth, especially when it is super hard for me to find the right shade of pale lipstick. So if you are looking for an affordable and medium pigmentation or maybe you are a beginner in makeup and would like to experiment with makeup but not brave enough to go bold, I do recommend this specific products.

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Sunday, August 25, 2013


Hello Gorgeous!

Who here have heard of BIODERMA?

I have! and there were times when I travel and I had to resist from buying this brand.
Why? well lets see, I dont like buying items that i cant get at my own country because
that will upset me. Weird much?

So, I heard of Bioderma when i watched other international beauty youtuber
and I wish and hope to have my hands on the product. It seems so handy and practical.

I was so happy when I got the invitation to come to the event
*thank you to one of my beauty blogger friend *kissesesesesss**

Long story short, I attend the event in a short notice but that is okay because I didnt regret it!
I felt that the event was perfectly organized, structured, informative 
 and I dont have any disappointment or complaints at all :)

I love the decoration, a range of pink flowers, balloons and colors with the products around the room.

There were some snacks too and drinks ranging from juice, water to tea :)
I was hungry because I didnt eat lunch so I was happy to find the snacks :P

Here is the whole room's set-up and decorations.

When I walked into the room, I was greeted by Louis & Yi Chieh who both work and help to distribute Bioderma into Indonesia * thank you for them to be able to bring Bioderma into Indonesia*

and I met Beatrix ( hope I spell her name correctly) who is also a part of Bioderma/Dermanesia team and, a gorgeous lady with an exotic and sexy skin who took pictures through the whole event! I dont know how to spell her name *sorry but you are gorgeous*

and before the event started, we all were snacking and chit chatting.
It was good meeting all the beauty bloggers whom I havent met before
or whom I didnt have a chance to say Hi before.

and this is me with the travel size product.
* I swear once they are out for sell in Guardian, early Sept, i will buy A LOT for stocks at home! *

Let the event begin!
It started with the definition of BIODERMA. It is a combination of two major concept:
Biology & Dermatology
which means they combined the science to relate and understand the skin problems & need.
Their concept is to find the formula for skincare in a biological ways that recover the natural skin's function. Skin condition mostly affected from our external surrounding such as stress, medical treatment and sometimes it is the skin aging *this we cant avoid*.  Bioderma uses 100% active ingredients even if you have the most sensitive skin ever! 

Then the history of Bioderma. It was first located in Lyon , France
*France is my #1 destination to travel*
and in 1991, Bioderma introduced Sensibio H2O,
the first cleanser without having to cleanse it after with water.

We learned about different types of skin,
this is new to me because, i dont really have a lot of knowledge when it comes to skincare
but after this event, I have some new knowledge :P

click to enlarge the picture to be able to read.

We have a tiny chemistry class
* I didnt take chemistry haha but this surely brings me back to high-school memories*
There are 5 tubes with different products and we had to tested the acidic-alkali level
*sorry i dont know the perfect chemistry word for this haha i forgot the name*

Here is the team working to find out how acidic or alkali
each products were.

This is the result so lets see what it says!

First apologize for the picture, I know you cant read the numbers but, let me just summarized.
From the experiment we did, we found out one of the products with the label Micelle contains a neutral ingredients that was proven with the ph 4-5 *the best ph level for our skin is ranging from 4-5.5 * whilst other products ranging from acidic or alkali.

When a product that is too acidic, it will somehow erodes the skin layer and when a product has too much alkali, the skin will feel tight. 

*now that is a new knowledge for me haha* 

And the introduction why BIODERMA SENSIBIO H2O is the best!

Why BIODERMA SENSIBIO H2O is so famous?
It uses the michelle solution where Hydrophilic and Lipophilic substance are combined.
Hydrophilic contains water while Lipophilic contains oil therefore it cleanse and restore the skin.

click picture to enlarge to see the information.

And another experiment to prove why this product is so good!
Yi Chieh apply a very thick foundation onto my hand.
*sorry the camera didnt capture the color but basically my hands were two tones haha dark and light*

and this is after he removed the makeup with one swip of Bioderma Sensibio H2O.

and this is the summary how Bioderma works :)
kindly click picture to enlarge.

After the whole session is done, we take more pictures!

To find out more, kindly like their FB page & follow their twitter !

In short words, I am satisfied with the whole event. I think this is one of the event that I can give my thumbs up :D I love how clear the event was in terms of the organization of the location, the informations and the experiments to prove the products, the snacks and drinks, the samples and I love how everyone was friendly and introduced themselves to one another. 
* this is my own opinion :) *

alrighty then! til next post :* 

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