Tuesday, July 2, 2013


Hello my sweet mocha latte?
err.. hahah

I bought these new lipstick.
Yeah.. my and lipstick addiction.

Out of curiosity, I wonder how this products are.
The packaging is different compare to the previous colorsensational.

Well, I guess it is showing the concept of "matte"
So the packaging is.. matte? soft. 

I purchased them in 2 colors. They dont have alot of colors here, I think it was 5 colors only?
So my decisions went to these 2 colors.

Yes, one of them is to the pinkish tone, the other one to the coral tone.

Number one thing I realized from this lipstick,
even though it is written matte, I feel that there is a light moisture in it
that allows me to apply the lipstick easily.

I have a chapped lipstick, and usually matte lipstick is hard for me to apply due to the formula.

The color pigmentation for this product is superb! and it lasted on my lips pretty long.
I think I ate quite a few items and wiped my lips but the color is still there, not as bold as first apply but it is still there.

It is easy to glide and the texture is semi-matte although once applied onto the lips,
it will turn matte :) but moisturizing.

The best thing with this product is you can control the color strength.
If you want to go sheer, apply lightly, or maybe you want to go bold, then apply a few layers :)

Here are the swatch on my lips.



what are your favorite matte lipstick?
I am obsessed with peach colors actually but sadly they dont have it :(

oh! the price was RP 73.000 (bought it at Matahari Department store)

For the price and the quality, I personally think this is really worth it.
If only they have more colors to choose from.

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