Tuesday, July 9, 2013


Hello my... muses!
I am back here with another review.
This product here is actually one of my favorite product for false lashes.

D'EYEKO contacted me and wanted to ship their new series for the basic
and this one here is the most natural style.

I love everything natural. 

Their packaging is similar but different.
Different series has different design :)
One good thing about their packaging is, 
the information they shared are informative.

It comes with the glue!
The glue is good, because it makes the lashes stick nicely onto the lids.

Yes, the information on the packaging are really useful for beginners 
and for people who has allergy reaction to certain substances in the glue,
hence the ingredients of the glue is written.

Short but helpful :)

This is what's inside the packaging.

and from all the lashes I have seen, regardless the brands,
this is the most natural ones.

Now we all know that D'EYEKO only produced these lashes by handmade and detailed.
They are more light and natural. Of course, not forgetting that their lashes can be reused!

I got mine in #110
If you are looking for lashes that gives great natural yet thick and full effects on your eyes for daily basis, this is probably you should go for :)

If you look closely, the lashes are crossing one another to give the thickness effects, 
the length is not too long, which gives the natural effects.

and here it is on my eyes :)
When I applied it on, it feels light, like there is nothing on your eyes.
Super comfortable.

It is probably hard to tell with the makeup on
but since it is giving the Natural Volume,
my eyes look natural.

Here are the closer look of the eyes :)

You probably can spot a tiny difference and this is the reason why I love this particular style of lashes from D'EYEKO because it is so natural, it is hard to tell and the best thing, it creates this "thick" effects on my eyes :)

and guess what, I might stock some more at home :P
and if you want to see how I get the look in this post, and of course, 
how the lashes looks like, kindly watch the makeup tutorial here

see you all with the next review!


JcLiani said...

harganya berapa yaaa jadi pengen, kr2 bs dipake brp kali ya


theresia fweegy said...

@JcLiani: hello, ini ktnya si RP 35.000, aku mau keluar cek harganya hihi mau beli beberapa. Ini bisa di pake ya kurleb 3x or maybe more ;D